$266,000,000 Tesla Won’t Go Bankrupt

I calculated how much the new Model 3 AWD and Performance versions will mean to Tesla’s bottom line. Learn how to perform analysis like this yourself at https://teslanomics.co/brilliant180601

Tesla unveiled the Model 3 way back on March 31 of 2016, at the event we got to see the car and learn a lot more about it, but unfortunately they didn’t tell us everything.

To start, we didn’t know the range, options, or price besides the Base 35K model.

They did however announce that a Ludicrous version of the car would be made available, in typical Tesla fashion this was a tweet from Elon in response to a question. Fast forward to July of 2017 and we finally get the final specs at the handover event in Fremont.

…Except, not really…

While they did announce some of the basic specs at the event, we still didn’t know about All-Wheel Drive or the Performance model. That was until just recently when Elon tweeted out details, and days later early reservation holders received invites to configure. And since many of you are interested in these options but haven’t yet received your invite, I updated my Model 3 Cost calculator to help you price out your Model 3. If you haven’t seen it go here https://teslanomics.co/model-3-cost-calculator

But when I updated this, I also added a little tracking device 😉 Not like the creepy kind, but one that logs your submissions. When you hit submit on the calculator you I save your selections so we can go back and look at what people are interested in, and that’s where our journey takes a turn.


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