$35K Tesla Model 3 is HERE! (sorta) Is It worth It? [Live]

Tesla just lowered the price on the Model 3 for a Mid-Range option, but is it worth it? Enter to win a Tesla with ClimateXChange HERE

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// Tesla announces new baseline “$35,000” Model 3 with mid-range (260 mile) battery

Tesla unexpectedly put a new “mid-range” model 3 on its website advertising a $35,000 price

That price is after including gas savings and the federal tax rebate. State rebates (like New York) could take it down further.

The mid-range option only offers RWD, while now the long-range battery only offers AWD.

Tesla said Thursday that the Model 3 at $35,000 before savings and incentives won’t come until 2019.

Tesla launches new Model 3 with ‘mid-range’ battery for $45,000, changes pricing structure

Elektrek confirmed that the new mid-range battery uses the same battery architecture as the long-range, just with fewer cells. It is not the same battery but software-locked to a lower capacity.

// Tesla stops promoting full self-driving option on website

According to an Elon tweet, it will still be available by special request “off menu”

Elon tweet: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1053068635940388865

Concerns that customers were being mislead about what the current offering “Autopilot” offering does and when it will be available.

Analysts say this is a better approach for Tesla to just offer the service when it is actually available, rather than rolling it out piecemeal and confusing customers. Doesn’t mean Tesla is backtracking on full self-driving.


A survey found a lot of confusion around self-driving cars: 71% believe they can buy a self-driving car today (60% in the US), 11% said they would take a nap while using current “Highway Assist” systems

// A new bill could save the full $7,500 federal tax credit for Tesla

Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada (R) introduced a bill that would let Tesla keep the $7,500 tax credit for much longer

The current legislation caps the credit for the first 200,000 vehicles sold by a manufacturer, which Tesla is rapidly approaching. Then the incentive gets halved from $7,500 down to $3,750.

Heller’s bill would take a different approach, eliminating the 200,000 cap by manufacturer, and instead extend the flat $7,500 credit until 2022 for all manufacturers, at which point all incentives go away.

Nevada is where Gigafactory 1 was built and Tesla employs 3,000 people there. Heller’s bill would most benefit Tesla, GM, and Nissan – as the early EV adopters.


GM has sold 186,000 Bolts and Volts, while Nissan has sold 127,000 Leafs, according to Car & Driver


In opposition to Heller’s legislation, Sen. John Barrasso (R, Wyoming) proposed legislation to eliminate the EV tax credit entirely and institute a new tax on EVs to fund highway repairs.

Last month a group of Democratic senators proposed legislation similar to Heller’s: lifting the EV cap and extending the credit for 10 years. (Heller’s version is more likely to go through under a Republican-controlled Congress and administration.)

// Tesla now maintaining production of ~1,000 vehicles/day

Tesla is now able to maintain production of close to 1,000 vehicles per day

* Not the biggest news, but important for Tesla hitting a steady 5,000 Model 3s per week (7,000 vehicles/week total, 2,000 of which are non-model 3). And Elektrek’s sources have been reliable in the past.
* Manufacturing of Model 3 “More Steady”

// Tesla Stolen by Copying Key Fob

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