50% Profit on Tesla Model 3 Possible? Teardown of Model 3 Points to YES! [live]

A teardown of the Tesla Model 3 shows that material costs could be as little as $18,000, giving them a 50% gross profit on the vehicle. Want a chance to drive one yourself? Enter to win a 24hr rental at https://teslanomics.co/100K

// Model 3 Teardown Show’s Dramatic Cost Savings

Model 3 teardown in Germany finds that Tesla’s cost of materials is $18k, cost of production $10k (and that’s w/ a $50k+ early production Model 3) from teslamotors

Main points (credit MaChiMiB)
* Material and production cost estimates of $18k and $10k are based on a 10,000 cars/week run rate.
* The German premium manufacturer, who ordered this tear down, would not be able to produce a similar EV right now, even with low cost suppliers from eastern Europe.
* Interior is nice to the touch where it matters, ceiling (likely the discontinued Alcantara) and doors. Parts near the feet are cheap plastic.
* Lower production and storage costs due to only a few upgrade options. Also the “iPad” helps to reduce complexity.
* Interior is completely symmetric, good for RHD production efficiency.
* The drivetrain exceeds Elons promises regarding maximum speed, torque and acceleration. It is thought trough, compact, well integrated and relatively light weight. Not easy for competitors to build something similar.
* Good material mix in the chassis.
* There are only 4 kinds of screws in the under body, a car from a German competitor would have 40 different ones. Again, reduced complexity. Many parts of the aero are designed so robots can grab them easily.
* Batterypack is hard to remove.
* Corrosion prevention is not on premium level, but not far off.
* Crash safety is only adequate, not on premium level.
* Only 2.8% Cobalt in the battery cells, even the most up to date cells from competitors have double the amount.
Their analysis of component costs:
* 40% Battery
* 14% Electronics
* 11% Suspension
* 11% Interior
* 10% High voltage motor
* 8% Exterior
* 7% Chassis
Use of Cobalt Graphic – https://cdn.teslarati.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Teslas-Cobalt-Evolution-Benchmark-Mineral-Intelligence-1.jpg

Component breakdown. – https://public.tableau.com/profile/bens#!/vizhome/TeslaModel3ComponentCost/viz

// Model 3 Crash “Performed Miraculously”

Tesla Model 3 owner says vehicle ‘performed miraculously’ in high-speed rear-end crash, all occupants are safe

* Rearended while going 65mph
* Hit from behind by Camera
* Spun around and bounced off freeway barriers
* No one seriously hurt, all crumple zones and airbags “performed miraculously”

// Model 3 Canada Invasion!

Tesla Model 3 fleet spotted en masse in Canada awaiting deliveries

* Hundreds of Model 3’s spotted in parking lots (credit: Jason Zhang)
* Apparent move to extend US tax credit
* Also important for CA credit of $14,000 CAD
* Congrats to everyone getting theirs!

// Model 3 Fixes in Update

* Rear passenger controls
* Blind spot notifications
* Submit bugs via voice control and/or app

// Autopilot Saved Zedd’s Life

// Tire Slams into Model 3 on 405 – No Injuries but Windshield Damanged
* Heading north on 405
* Driving 40-50mph
* Big tire from trailer with large boat comes off
* Windshield damaged
* Drive and family unharmed

// Texas Offering State Incentive for Alt Fuel Vehicles (Including EVs)

* First 2,000 cars after Sept 1st
* Up to $2,500

// SpaceX Dragon Capsule NASA Testing

SpaceX releases photo of NASA astronauts testing in Crew Dragon spaceship

* First manned mission next year

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