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What is the Lifespan of a Tesla Battery and How Long Will it Last?

Haters love to claim that the Tesla car batteries, the ones that power the car, will only last 2 years or less. Well, now we have some data coming from actual owners and their experiences. Use our code and get $1,000 off a new Tesla Model S or X Sources TMC Dutch Forum Source Data […]

Tesla Solar Roof Prices, EV Haters, SpaceX Internet, and 5min EV Battery Charge – Teslanomics Live!

// Ready to Buy a Tesla? Use our referral code and get $1,000 off the price. Visit to get started // Long – Solar Roof ( 2 styles so far, textured and smooth Enter address, get quote Close to my estimates from 4mo ago Infinite warranty Including Home battery, not sure this makes sense […]

Tesla Batteries Last Forever (Basically)

New data suggests Tesla batteries last up to 25 years. In this episode, we’ll be diving into this data and seeing how it translates to owners. Back in April, I shared data on Tesla battery degradation. Since then, Tesla owners have been measuring and sharing their battery degradation data – and the results have been […]

Could a Tesla Model 3 Lease Grow Demand? Let’s Talk about It

// TeslaCon 2018 2 Weeks Away! Tickets are for live participation in the Q&A 25% goes towards Electric Auto Association Will be live on YouTube for free // Model 3 Cost Calculator Updated Matches Tesla’s options Still includes loan amount and charging // Leasing Could Give Tesla Model 3 A Big Boost Tesla […]

50% Profit on Tesla Model 3 Possible? Teardown of Model 3 Points to YES! [live]

A teardown of the Tesla Model 3 shows that material costs could be as little as $18,000, giving them a 50% gross profit on the vehicle. Want a chance to drive one yourself? Enter to win a 24hr rental at // Model 3 Teardown Show’s Dramatic Cost Savings Model 3 teardown in Germany finds […]

Yep, Tesla Batteries Still Last Forever (Update)

It’s been a few months and we now have new data to help us analyze the life expectancy of a Tesla battery. Subscribe for these updates at // Looking to save the planet and earn a return at the same time? Check out Wunder Capital at The last time we looked at this […]

Tesla Has Officially WON – LIVE Q&A and News for Nov 20th, 2017

// Semi Truck Stats – Performance  – No Trailer 0-60 in 5sec, (15sec normal truck)  – 0-60 in 20sec w/ 80K lb trailer (normal truck ~1min)  –  climbs 5% grades at a steady 65 mph, whereas a diesel truck maxes out at 45 mph on a 5% grade.  – no shifting or clutching for smooth acceleration and deceleration, and its regenerative braking recovers 98% […]

Tesla Model 3 (New) vs Model S (Used) – UPDATED

Likely the biggest factor when looking at either a new Model 3 or a Used Model S is going to be the utility of the vehicle itself. // Range (draw) Both the Model S and Model 3 have excellent range. The lowest I’ve seen for a used model S is 200, and if you were […]

Tesla Model 3 for Half Price?

// LONG – New EV Incentive in CA Could Result in Half-Priced Model 3 LA Times Proposed Legislation in CA could increase EV rebates to 10K or more Bill AB-1184 proposed by Assembly Member Ting in Feb of 2017 Vote scheduled for Sept 15th, 2017 “The bill directs the state Air Resources Board to devise […]

EV vs ICE Vehicles: Electric Cars Are Our Future and They’re Greener than You Think

Some rumors have been spreading online that gas powered cars, or ICE vehicles, are better for the environment than Electric Vehicles (EVs). In this video, I break down the data behind this comparison and help us understand the difference. Our EV Future First I start by looking into the predictions that we’ll all be driving […]