Announcing Teslanomics – Now Solely Decoding the Economics of Tesla!

Back in November, I did a video answering a question my wife asked me. She asked, “How much are we saving on gas with our Tesla?” This led me to make the video which sparked the fire behind this entire community.

Since November 2016 the community has went from 800 subscribers to now over 8,000! We were getting 100K views per month back then to over 2M per month now (+5M total).

All of your feedback and the love you’ve given have shown me the path forward is to use my skills as a data geek towards analyzing the economics behind a company that is changing our world like no other, Tesla.

So today I’m announcing a new name for the channel. No longer will it be generally focused on data about anything, rather I’ll be solely looking at the data and economics of Tesla.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and help grow the community by sharing the videos I post each Monday right here. Also, if we have a new website where you can get downloadable analysis and product announcements. You can signup for that via email below and never miss a post!

Thanks again for all the love and support you’ve given me over the past couple months and I can’t want to continue this journey with you.



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