Yes, it’s true…we’re buying Elon Musk a couch! But there’s more to the story…


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// Elon Couch GoFundMe
  • News Roundup
  • Agahst and agahg? <- Wtf is this?
  • California Man!
  • Total raised
    • $7614
    • No longer accepting donations
  • Outcome?
  • They’re going to accept the couch!
  • Also donating the full cost and the remainder will go to charity
  • Wayfair is pitching in and possibly a few others to hook up the breakrooms for the rest of the crew
  • Going to hand deliver it, Elon may or may not be present, stay tuned!
// Tesla Targeting 6,000 Model 3’s per Week by End of June
  • Let’s consult the model
  • How many in 2018?
// Wunder Capital Funding
  • 112M
  • 2018 goals
    • Grow our small commercial financing business to 120MW financed in 2018 (3x more than 2017)
    • Launch more funds for retail investors
    • Finance more solar + storage projects and expand our financing beyond the 19 states + DC we’re currently in
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// Tesla v Waymo Self-Driving Race – Data
“But there’s also a huge financial incentive to apply all this data-driven tech to the road as quickly as possible. Intel believes autonomous vehicles could generate $800 billion per year in revenue in 2030 and $7 trillion per year by 2050. Last summer, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said in a note that data might be more valuable to Tesla than something like the Model 3.”
  •  My point exactly
But isn’t Tesla already collecting data from it’s cars? What about Shadow Mode?
  •  Yes, but the data isn’t as valuable since it doesn’t represent real-world use of the Autopilot system
How’s Waymo different?
  •  They’re using computer simulation to generate the miles driven
  •  Totally valid strategy, however not as accurate as real-world data
  • Only time will tell how accurate it is
“Data is the new oil, except more valuable”