California EV Fees and Gas Tax plus USA EV Sales through March 2017

California state legislature just voted to increase a gas tax from 18c to 30c as well as add a $100/yr fee for Electric Vehicles (EVs). This new fee will only effect EVs made after 2020 so, for now, you’re safe if you already are an EV owner. The goal of this is to fix California’s broken roads and transit system. Projections come to about 5.2B per year which is good, but still a long way from clearing the $130B in backlog repairs.

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On a brighter note, EV sales in 2017 so far (Q1) are up 74% from the same period of 2016. Party! Tesla Model S and Model X top the list and in the BEV segment Nissan Leaf comes in third and even beats out the Chevy Bolt. My hunch is this is likely to the Chevy Bolt only being a limited run in California but still, that’s pretty surprising if you ask me.

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