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Did Elon Lose It on Tesla Earnings Call? [REACTION]

Elon Musk had some pretty insane things to say on the Q1 2020 Tesla Earnings. Here are my thoughts. For more on the numbers check out my video from a couple weeks here

Are Tesla Owners Social Distancing?

Do you think Tesla owners are social distancing more or less then the rest of the population since COVID19 has most of us social distancing or under shelter in place orders? Let’s take a look at data showing if Tesla owners are driving more or less than before the pandemic hit USA. Want to learn […]

Could something POSITIVE come out of COVID19?

With a virtually global economic shut down happening do to COVID19, could this pandemic actually be helping our air quality!? While this pandemic is horrible and we all owe all the health care workers a huge THANK YOU, let’s take a look at the positives. Could something positive come out of this horrible pandemic? Let’s […]

Is The Tesla V3 Solar Roof Worth The Money?

Since Telsa has released version 3 of their Solar Roof, I decided to look at the numbers again to see if a Tesla solar roof is worth the money in 2020. When I reviewed the Tesla solar roof costs last year I decided to numbers were not worth it to get the Tesla V3 solar […]

Can Tesla Survive A Recession Right Now

With the economy seeing a massive hit from the current pandemic, what does this all mean for Tesla? Can Tesla and the EV market survive this new recession? Telsa has actually made it through a recession before and came out stronger because of it. But with the auto sales expected to decline in the United […]

Tesla Model Y First Impressions!

I spent some time with the Tesla Model Y after it was delievered to the first customers in California. Subscribe for more in the near future!

Could Teslas Kill the Grid?

Responding to the question of what would happen if everyone in Los Angeles went electric?

Best New Tesla to Buy RIGHT NOW (Feb 2020)

Looking at all the current available Tesla’s to buy, which is the best one and why? Save some money from all those subscriptions you forgot about by using TrueBill

Is Tesla Supercharger Network Untouchable?

We all know Tesla’s supercharger Network is the best in the world, but are others catching up? Let’s see what the data shows.

Tesla Crushes 2019 Earnings and Makes Elon Musk a HAPPY MAN!

What an amazing year Tesla had in 2019. Get Elon’s biography and two Audible Originals for free when you try Audible for 30 days visit or text “teslanomics” to 500 500!