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Are Tesla Owners Social Distancing?

Do you think Tesla owners are social distancing more or less then the rest of the population since COVID19 has most of us social distancing or under shelter in place orders? Let’s take a look at data showing if Tesla owners are driving more or less than before the pandemic hit USA. Want to learn […]

Home Studio Tour 2020 – Quarantine Edition!

Come tour my home studio I built in my sideyard for recoring YouTube videos and online courses. Hopefully something here will help you with your own home setup. All gear mentioned can be found here: https://kit.co/BenSullins/home-studio-2020

Who Killed Teslanomics?

It’s been a long time coming…here’s the story about why I killed the Teslanomics name. Well yeah, we’re here. Teslanomics is no more. The website’s still around, we’re gonna be migrating that stuff off, but I wanna thank everyone that’s helped me, supported, you know, by watching videos, by donating on Patreon, whatever, whatever. In […]