Why We Chose Our Model 3 Color – 6 Month Review

It’s been 6 months since took delivery of our Tesla Model 3. In this video, we break down the good the bad, and our overall impressions. I’m joined by my lovely wife Jennie in this video, you can check more of her work out at https://society6.com/jenniferjsullins

Overall the car has been amazing, here are the general feelings in each category:


  • The car is incredible to drive
  • Seats and interior are some of our favorites ever


  • It’s zippy and handles turns great
  • Acceleration is better than our 2013 Model S


  • Keycard/App totally sucks, barely works, needs to be fixed
  • The screen doesn’t always work properly (blank at times, the camera fails)


  • 310 miles of range is AMAZING, we only need to charge ever 3 days
  • The trunk and frunk offer something to be desired, they work for one of us, but not for our familya

Do you have a Model 3? What are your thoughts? Our views come after owning a Tesla Model S for 2 years so understandably are a bit skewed. We hope you love your cars and let us know how you like them in the comments!