Which Cities Have The Most Efficient Tesla Drivers?

In an EV how you drive can significantly change how much range you get on a charge. Some people have perfected this while others; myself included, are still working on it.

One of the exciting outcomes is we can now measure which cities have the most efficient drivers. Today we’re going to look at which cities have the most efficient Tesla Drivers. To get started on this journey I partnered with the team at Tezlab, the ones who make the app to help get the most out of your Tesla, and we looked at over 1.2M trips before fiddling it down to this top 10 list.

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From there I was able to look at where the trip started and parsed that into the city-state combination. While the top 10 are almost all in the US, it’s likely because the data we have is mostly biased towards this. As our dataset grows, this list will change so expect updates to this over time. We measure efficiency here by looking at the expected range and divide that by how far you traveled on that charge. For example, if your Tesla reported 200 miles of range and you drove 210 miles that would be 105% efficiency.  Conversely, if you drove only 180miles on that 200mi charge you would be at 90% efficiency

Another condition for our study here is that a city needs at least 2,000 trips in our database to be counted. This way we’re filtering out the cases of a small town that just has a supercharger.
So that’s how we measure it, let’s see which cities have the most efficient drivers, shall we?

#10 – Toronto, Ontario

With almost 5K trips analyzed the median driving efficiency of Teslas in Toronto is 76.53%, barely three tenths behind the next city on our list.

#9 – Columbus Ohio

Another city with cold, dry winters Columbus Ohio comes in at #9 with a median driving efficiency of 76.86% for the over 2600 trips we analyzed

#8 – Las Vegas Nevada

After analyzing almost 3K trips, we found that Las Vegas ranks 8th as the city the most efficient Tesla drivers clocking in at a 76.97% efficiency. Just barely one-tenth better than our #8 city.

#7 – Sunnyvale, CA

With just over 2K trips analyzed Sunnyvale clocks in with a median efficiency of 77% on the dot.

#6 – Houston Texas

With over 4,500 trips analyzed Houston clocks in with an impressive 79.5% median efficiency.

#5 – Portland Oregon

With over 3K trips analyzed, Portland clocks in with a median efficiency of 80.72%.

#4 – Miami Florida

With over 3,000 trips logged in our system, Miami comes in with an 80.78% efficiency rating.

#3 – San Jose California

Coming in third with nearly 5,000 trips logged and a median efficiency of 81.04%, San Jose California holds on to its third spot as the city with the most efficient Tesla drivers.

#2 – Phoenix Arizona

My hometown, Phoenix Arizona hold strong at #2 on our list with a median driving efficiency of 82.37% – that’s a full one and quarter points above the number 3 spot.

#1 – Dallas Texas

At nearly 5K trips analyzed Dallas comes in with an 84.41% median driving efficiency, a full two percentage points above our #2 city.


So there you have it, the top 10 cities with the most efficient Tesla drivers. Was your city not on the list? Maybe we didn’t have enough trips there to qualify.

You can help change that and get your city on the map by downloading Tezlab from the link above