Don’t Spill Beans In Your Tesla Model 3 Trunk (GROSS) 🤢

I spilled beans in my Tesla Model 3 Trunk and it smelled like something died. Luckily my friends at Elite Finish Detailing were available to help me remedy the situation. Check them out at

It was Saturday, July 14th 2018. I was picking up food from our favorite Mexican market for my son’s third birthday party. It was hot outside, I was running late, and they handed me four trays of food with pinto beans, rice, chicken, and beef that all weighed six pounds each.

I stacked them in a basket and in a hurry threw them in the under compartment of my Tesla Model 3. Upon arriving at home guests were already there and I had to hurry and get the food prepared.

The next day I got in my Tesla Model 3 to drive to work and was hit in the face by a smell so rancid I thought something died inside my car. After a few failed attempts at cleaning it myself, I had to call in the professionals.

Wes and his team at Elite Finish did the ceramic coating on my car and are experts at these kinds of things. I brought it to their shop later that day and within twenty minutes it was all ready to go, good as new.

Here are the products they used to remedy it:

I also use their wash mist product each week to keep my Tesla Model 3 looking sharp. You can find more about this here –

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