Elon Drops Model 3 Bomb But What Does it Mean? Teslanomics Live for July 3rd, 2017

Last night Elon Musk dropped some bombs on us about the Model 3.

// Model 3 Production Begins Friday (July 7th, 2017)

This is significant because it means their risky move to bypass the “testing” phase of their production line paid off. Instead of taking months or years to work out the kinks in the production line and rebuild it several times they were able to skip this step propelling their production start target to this Friday.

// Model 3 Delivery Event is July 28th, 2017

PARTY ON WAYNE!! Sorry about that…but I’m pretty pumped we now know when this party is happening as well as how many cars will be delivered. This marks the beginning point in my delivery ramp estimate as well.

// Tesla Will Make 20,000 Model 3’s in Dec 2017

This helps us predict even better how the delivery ramp will look and in-turn, help you figure out when you’ll get your Model 3. I find that this is a bit delayed from their original estimate of late September but nonetheless a good target for them to hit this year.

// Model 3 Delivery Ramp Estimate

Check out my updated delivery ramp here

// Model 3 Delivery Estimator UPDATED

I’ve updated the Model 3 Delivery Estimator using this new ramp based on the information Elon shared last night. For some of you the estimate is the same, for others it’s months different. This is an effect of a log growth curve. Depending on where you fall on the curve could have a huge impact on your estimate.

Get Your Estimate Here

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