Is Elon Musk Tesla’s Best or Worst Asset? Let’s Talk About It [live]

// Tesla Staying Public
  • More earnings calls and shareholder meetings
  • Wonder if the whole thing was a joke that got out of hand
// Awesome Video by Jono Seneff
// Fire at Fremont Plant
  • Extinguished within one hour
  • Cardboard pile outside factory
  • Dangerous due to powerlines
  • No injuries
// New Model S Service Vehicles
  • 80% can be done at home
  • Doubling mobile service fleet
  • Glad they’re using EVs instead of old service vans
  • Personally can attest, good stuff
// Russian Gun Makers Kalishnakov to make EV
  •  Electric Super Car??
  • 90 kWh
  • 220mi / 354km
  • 0-60 just over 6 seconds
  • PR Stunt?
In general I like more EVs that are legit competitors. This one seems a bit odd to me, but if it actually is real then great!