How will the Model 3 effect the Tesla Service Centers, and what is Tesla doing to prepare?

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The fleet of Tesla owners continues to grow. With growth comes the need for access to service centers and Tesla vehicle support. This week, we explored just that topic. We looked at how the Tesla Fleet is growing and the ratio of service center support.

With the help of our friends at Tesla Motor Club, we visualized a side-by-side comparison of the data. You can explore and interact with this graph via the link below. The findings are particularly interesting as ownership growth and service center availability are trending together.

Much of our interest in this subject centers around the launch of the Model 3. Where will service centers be popping up? And, how convenient will they be to us Tesla owners? According to recent Tesla news, Tesla is expanding their service center locations – and offering mobile service. For instance, as mentioned in a previous video, I had issues with my Tesla’s windshield wiper and had to have the battery replaced. Tesla mobile service came out to my house to resolve the issues – and for FREE!

This data is particularly interesting from a growth perspective. It’s insightful to understand how ownership correlates to the availability service centers. Check out the above video to learn more.

Big thanks to our friends at Tesla Motor Club for the data. You can see and interact with the Tesla ownership and service center growth info here:

The following Tesla news sources provided great insight to the topic:,-66.94,25.82,-124.38999999999999,d?search=service

And with the growing number of service centers, there are plenty career opportunities at Tesla. Check those out:

You can check out my experience with Tesla mobile service in this video:

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