How’s My Driving? Analyzing a Road Trip up the California Cost in My Tesla Model S

I recently took a trip up to Santa Barbara from San Diego in my Tesla Model S and tracked it with the Tesla companion app, Teslab.

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The “long” this week starts with some sad, but necessary steps that Tesla is taking to turn their new solar business into an efficient part of their overall strategy.

“Tesla’s latest regulatory filing reveals SolarCity staff reduction and cost-cutting measures.” source

This is an apparent 19.8% reduction in their force, presumably to make them more profitable and efficient. There also was some possible overlap in management and administrative functions between Tesla and SolarCity that resulted in some reductions in their workforce.

For the “short” this week, I discuss the recent statements by Tesla that they might start offering insurance with their cars. I see this as something that would potentially reduce competition and lock owners into more of their services, resulting in potentially sub-par service.

“Tesla looks to bundle insurance policy into the purchase of a car” source

I believe they would better serve owners by partnering with existing insurance companies and offering discounts. For example in the US right now many insurance companies offer discounts for AAA members. I think they could work out a similar deal giving owners several options to choose from.

For my trip, I was up in Santa Barbara to record some Data Science courses for LinkedIn Learning for the week. I’ve talked about this trip before, but this time I was using the Teslab app to track my efficiency, speed, and elevation changes.

I especially had fun at the San Juan Capistrano station sharing the app and showing how (in)efficient I was on my drive. There definitely was interest from the five or so owners that were hanging out.

If you’re interested in the app you can get an invite here

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you back here soon!

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