Huge New Revenue Stream for Tesla

// GoT Map – Learn how at

// Get $1,000 OFF + Free Supercharging of Model S or X –


The US Air Force using Tesla P100D for chase vehicle of U2 spy plane.

// SHORT – Autolist Depreciation Forecast – AutoList

  • Wildly inaccurate based on upgrades for S
  • Might be better for 3
  • Way too early to tell

// LONG – TTunes Music Service TechCrunch

  • The future of Tesla’s revenue growth is in apps/services
  • They should open it up to third party developers in the future
  • Could we have a “Jailbroken” Tesla? ..Probably not a good idea

— Update —

This appears to be a joke? futurism

// Model S in Boring Tunnel TheVerge

  • It fits! But wait, where’s the skate?

// Nueralink Funding – Bloomberg

  • San Francisco-based company hiring engineers and scientists
  • Brain-machine interface hopes to connect humans with computers

// German Carmakers Urged to Challenge Tesla by Senior Merkel Aide Bloomberg

  • Industry must invest more in electric cars, Altmaier says
  • Chancellery chief of staff: Germany must build best EVs

// SpaceX Competition- Teslarati

  • WARR wins with almost 202mph in a 0.8mi track
  • Excited about this!
  • Go Watch Last Weeks Video for More –

// Full Power for Ludicrous Mode – Electrek

Tesla President of Sales and Services Jon McNeill now says that they have also removed that restriction last week:

“I’d like to provide a quick update on this topic. Some of you with a P90D and Ludicrous acceleration mentioned that you did not want to use Launch Mode to simultaneously activate maximum battery performance. We’ve listened and are happy to tell you that for those that wish to do so, you can again enable maximum battery performance independently from Launch Mode, ensuring that you have maximum flexibility in how you use your car “

// 200-300 mi Range for Tesla Semi ArsTechnica

  • Excited to see one next month
  • I’d be surprised if they don’t have an option to extend
  • Tiny House still in play?

// Fossil fuel subsidies are a staggering $5 tn per year – Guardian

  • A new study finds 6.5% of global GDP goes to subsidizing dirty fossil fuels
    A study was just published in the journal World Development that quantifies the amount of subsidies directed toward fossil fuels globally, and the results are shocking. The authors work at the IMF and are well-skilled to quantify the subsidies discussed in the paper.