Improving Model 3 Suspension by Lowering – Is This Possible?

The Model 3 has got a bit of a bad reputation for having a rough ride. I’ve had mixed feelings about it personally. In this video, I show the before and after from lowering my Model 3 by 1.5” (moderate) and testing the vibrations. Get these updates in your inbox at

Before we get too deep into the weeds here, this is a sponsored post. Unplugged Performance in LA hooked up these springs for me and are giving away a set to one lucky winner of their raffle. Enter to win below:

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After getting my 20” turbine wheels from EV Wheel Direct something just wasn’t right about the look of Tez, my Model 3. So I called up my friends at Unplugged Performance and they let me know about a new set of suspension which lowers the car 1.5” (moderate) and also should improve the ride comfort.

My Results



Here are the full details on the springs themselves which retail for $335 w/o installation


This ambitious engineering project began with a review of factory spring rates and led to a goal of the following:
1. Target an increase in comfort in daily driving situations. Solution by studying factory spring rates and producing a softer but proportionate spring rate front and rear.
2. Target an increase in performance when cornering. Solution by utilizing the highest technology partner and producing a secondary more sporty performance spring rate that engages when cornering g forces are loaded.
3. Target an increase in range. Achieved by lowering the car as height is proven to correlate to aerodynamic efficiency.
4. Every day improved performance at significant value. Solution by producing in bulk volume in a direct manufacturer partnership produced to proprietary Unplugged Performance developed specifications.

Three Unique Offerings:

Mild – For Comfort Without Sacrifice

Target Use: For Tesla Model 3 owners who desire near factory levels of ground clearance and the softest ride possible, without sacrificing sporty handling at the limit.
Ride: Our Mild offering is engineered with maximum comfort in mind for day-to-day use. We utilize our two distinct spring rates to allow the first spring rate to be even softer than our most popular Moderate spring. When cornering, the secondary spring rate activates and represents a near equivalent spring rate to a factory non modified Model 3. This dual rate engineering reduces the typical downside of reduced handling, feel and agility when utilizing a softer spring rate.

Height: 0.7” drop. Front ground clearance is comparable to many modern sedans. The car is lowered only slightly, and there is still considerable wheel gap of approximately “three fingers”. From a distance the car will not look noticeably lower than factory height.

Moderate – For Sports Car Drivers (Best Seller)

Target Use: For Tesla Model 3 owners who desire well balanced improvements to handling, steering responsiveness, as well as stability that can be felt every day in a diverse variety of environments. With this application we set out to create a best of both worlds spring for everyday use.
Ride: Our Moderate offering is engineered with slightly softer spring rates than factory springs. When cornering, the secondary spring rate activates and body roll is minimized with a slightly more firm spring rates than factory.
Height: 1.5” drop. Front ground clearance is comparable to a modern sports car. The car is lowered moderately, enough to gain aerodynamic efficiency with cleaned up airflow under the car. Visually tire gap is reduced to “two fingers” wheel gap.

Low – Strictly For Crazy People Like Us

Target Use: We do not recommend this version to anyone unless they have previous experience driving modified lowered clearance cars and/or supercars. The car is set at the lowest reasonable height limit to maximize handling performance. It can be daily driven but extreme awareness and caution for ground clearance should be taken.
Ride: Our Low offering is engineered with comparable spring rates to the factory springs. When cornering, the secondary spring rate activates and body roll is minimized with a more firm spring rate than factory. On both primary and on secondary spring rates, the Low version is slightly firmer than our Moderate version. This slightly firmer setting is consistent with our intention of a true high performance driving style.
Height: 2.1” drop. Front ground clearance is comparable to a modern supercar. Visually tire gap is reduced to “one finger” wheel gap.