Is solar power the best way to charge a Tesla?

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I pay $25 a month to charge my Tesla – and my electricity bill is only $10 a month. You heard it right, folks. Thanks to solar power and electric vehicle ownership, my electric bill is less than the cost of lunch.

Last video, we talked about the cost of owning a Tesla. This time around, we’re looking specifically at the cost of charging a Tesla. I live in sunny San Diego, California, and my home is outfitted with solar panels. Thus, keeping my electricity bills and my EV charging costs low. While this isn’t the case for everyone, the overall data does make solar energy an attractive option to power a Tesla.

The cost to charge my Tesla offers interesting insight into solar power technology and how it can benefit Tesla owners. While getting started with solar energy to power your home– and car – may seem intimidating, overall the annual savings will curb your fear.

As a Tesla owner, I’m not only saving by charging my EV by the sun, but I’m also receiving a federal tax credit by utilizing the alternative energy source. Additionally, I’m keeping my Tesla charging costs low by charging my EV during off-peak hours (midnight to 5am).

When looking at how much I’m spending to charge my Tesla, I wanted to see my savings by not having to gas up. As I mentioned, I’m spending about $25 a month to charge my Tesla. If I owned a traditional vehicle, I’d be spending about $92 a month on gas. While the $66 monthly savings doesn’t seem like that much, annually I’m saving almost $800 – which over 25 years is almost $20,000.

If this video doesn’t get geeked about buying – or owning – a Tesla, I hope it at least got you thinking about solar power. While it’s not free, it can help you save on your electricity bills. And, if you’re a Tesla or electric vehicle owner, the cost to charge your car.

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