Model 3, Daimler EV, Model Y, Solar Superchargers and Fremont Factory Tour – Teslanomics LIVE!

Model 3 Updates

Updates from Shareholders meeting (forbes)

  • Model 3 Configuration Options (color and wheels)

“We expect that the configurator to go live towards the end of next month [July] when we deliver the first production Model 3. So yes, we are definitely on track to deliver the first production Model 3 next month.

"We have kept the initial configurations for Model 3 very simple. This is critical to achieving a rapid production ramp. Big mistake we made with the X [is] way too much complexity right at the beginning…that was very foolish.

"And [the] Model X…has way too many cool things in it that should have really been rolled in with Version 2, Version 3, that would have been the sensible way to do it. So initially, the Model 3 configurators, it’s kind of going to be like what color do you want and what size of wheels do you want. That’s basically going to be the configurator.

”[There will] just be a single motor to begin with and then we will have the dual motor config, if we are lucky, toward the end of this year or more likely early next.“ (Note: that on dual-motor configurations, one motor is optimized for highway travel and one is optimized for stop-and-go traffic.)

Model 3 Photos While Supercharging (teslarati)

  • Harris Ranch CA

  • Why is the wheel and center console covered?

Daimler Light-Duty EV Truck (Business Insider)

"Daimler is launching a limited series production run of the eCanter later this year in Tokyo, Lisbon, and New York. The ultimate goal is to begin mass production in 2019, around the same time Tesla plans to reveal and electric pick-up truck.”

  • Fuso eCanter

  • 62mi on single charge

  • 60km / 37mi testing so far

“In class 8, with freightliner, we are the number one in America, so we have something to defend,” Llistosella said. “In the smaller ones, the game is just starting.”

All Superchargers Solar/Battery (twitter)

  • How much will this cost?

  • Is it worth it versus expanding the network now?

Model Y (teslarati)

  • Cross-over

  • Economical

  • MUCH simpler than the Model X

  • New plant (bloomberg)

  • No mirrors! Do they fold-in, are they cameras?

“There are a number of really major manufacturing improvements that can be done… The capital expenditures I think will be substantially less. I’m confident that we can drop the CapEx by a factor of 2 and accelerate its readiness despite its new technologies.” – Elon Musk at Shareholder Meeting.

Fremont Tour

  • Not big enough

  • Unreal sights

  • Model 3 Underway