Model 3 Gets New Battery Cells?

Renewable Energy Not a Threat to Grid (bloomberg)

  • Energy Department staff members said grid is reliable

  • Preliminary draft still ’evolving’ agency spokeswoman says

The findings – which are still under review by the department’s leadership – contrast with Perry’s arguments that “baseload” sources such as coal and nuclear power that provide constant power are jeopardized by Obama-era incentives for renewable energy, making the grid unreliable.

“I’ve asked the staff of the Department of Energy to undertake a critical review of regulatory burdens placed by the previous administration on baseload generators,” Perry said last month. “Over the last several years, grid experts have expressed concern about the erosion of critical baseload resources.”

Tesla All Vegan Interiors (Business Insider)

  • No more leather seats

  • No others have this, Lexus, Audi, and Jaguar…

Acrua said “We do offer a leatherette on our base ILX, however, even if a dealer installed the animal-free seating surfaces, the steering wheel is leather (standard on all cars). So,we don’t really have a vegan option.”

  • This is true for Tesla as well, so it’s not truly vegan, but Tesla did say they can provide a non-leather steering wheel if the customer requests

29 Minutes From New York to Washington? Elon Musk Teases a New Hyperloop (NY Times)

  • Elon got verbal approval for Hyperloop from DC to NYC

  • Should take 29min

“City center to city center in each case, with up to a dozen or more entry/exit elevators in each city,” he wrote.

  • So is this a hyper loop or the boring tunnel?

  • 226mi between the cities via roadways

  • Currently takes over 4hrs

  • The boring “skates” would need to go almost 500mph to get there in 29min

  • So we’re talking a hyper loop tunnel, not the boring skate thing

COOL – 1905 EV? (Snopes)

The plugged-in car featured in the photo which initially caught my eye was a Detroit Electric, a vehicle produced by the Anderson Electric Car Company from 1907 to 1939. The photo is part of a group of promotional images showing the auto on a trip from Seattle to Mount Rainier. Other photographs from the group show the car wending its way through the mountains of Washington.

SHORT – Tesla Model 3 Keycard Rumor (Teslarati)

  • Keycard instead of Keyfob

  • Why? Cheaper to manufacture I guess?

  • Not in love with the idea if it works like other keycards

  • Could be hacked easily (nbc article)

"Using Brown’s device, all a criminal has to do is walk past you on the street in order to "clone” your RFID-equipped cards, even if they’re buried in your purse or pocket, and thereby gain access to your office.“

  • Pain in the butt! Who wants to get out their wallet every time? Will they be long range, and if so I believe that would be “active” versus “passive” RFID which requires a battery

  • I doubt this is the case…

LONG – New Battery Cells for Model 3

  • It will be a 4416 cell

  • Currently, they use 2170’s which was an upgrade from 1865’s (Beginners Guide to Li-Ion batteries)

  • Each car will have 4 modules instead of 12-16 like the S and X

  • Making it lighter and thus getting more range

  • What will this mean for the S and X?