Model 3 World Tour Abruptly Ends – Could it Have Been Prevented?

The Model 3 World Tour comes to an abrupt end and more on this episode. Win a 24-hour test drive with a Model 3! Enter here (free) –

// Interview with Joe Scott (Answers with Joe)

* First impressions
* Good review from non-Tesla owner

// Hypermile Guiness World Record

* 606.2 miles on a single charge

The moment they ran out of juice –

Elon “A Tesla has a usable reserve of 5 to 15 miles range even after the battery reads “empty”. This will not hurt the pack”

* Only got 66kWh??
* I got 75 on mine but I do know that typically a percentage of the battery is reserved. I’m going to do another test and see what I find with mine…

// YouYou Autopilot Accident in Greece

What happened?

StatementRe: Model 3 crash on AutopilotStatement regarding collision26 May 2018FLORINA, GREECEThank you everyone…

Posted by Tesla Model 3 Road Trip on Friday, May 25, 2018

Should you trust it?

// Model Y Unveiling March 15 2019

// What is the Model Y?
* Cross-over SUV (like Model X but cheaper)
* What the Model 3 is to the S, the Y is to the X
* Recap of what we know –

New battery equipment from Germany –

// Model 3 Brake Issue – Consumer Reports

Elon Musk spoke with Consumer Reports following Tesla Model 3 test results

* In test the stopping distance from 60-0 was longer than others in class resulting in a Not Recommend rating from Consumer Reports
* Elon responded and said will fix via software update –

// 250MW Tesla South Australia Virtual Power Plant

Tesla’s world’s largest “virtual power plant” gets the green light in South Australia

* What is a Virtual Power Plant?
* How will this one work?
* 50K Low Income Housing Units get Solar and Batteries
* First 1,100 homes completed by 2019
* How big is this in comparison to a fossil plant?

// Elon Tweet Roundup

* Superchargers in South America –
* Supercharger V3 –
* Red Brake Calipers on Performance Model 3 –

// Smart Road Will Charge Your EV While You Drive

* Clear “concrete” on top
* Solar panels underneath power highway lights and 800 homes
* Test track 1,000m long
* Doesn’t have wireless charging yet, but can says developers
* Part of China’s EV and self-driving push

“The future of transportation is coming to us much faster than we expected,” Zhou said. “We need to make sure that roads are evolved to match the development of autonomous-driving vehicles.”

Honda already invented this –

Honda In Road Charging Tech Gives 25 Miles Of Range For 1 Mile Of Infrastructure

image of it

* four percent of the total distance traveled.
* 1mi charging for every 25mi traveled
* 180/400kW charging rates (WOW!)
* Goal is “Unlimited Range”

And they’re bringing back the Fit EV w/ 186mi range and under 20K price (in 2020) –

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