Model X a Great Family Car? Kim from Like Tesla Shares Her Story

The Model X is loved by many that own it, but the question for me was if it functions well as a family car? In this short interview, I ask Kim from Like Tesla about her experience using her Model X with her two kids.

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// Storage in Model X

The underneath trunk space of the Model X is large enough to fit a double stroller, plenty for most families. The space beneath the pedestal seats also provides ample room for groceries and other stuff you may need for your outing with the little ones. In the event you have some take-out that you don’t want to smell up the car, the frunk provides decent space. This area isn’t as large as the older Model S that didn’t have the dual-motor or air filter configuration (point for us older Model S holders!)

// Loading and Unloading in the Model X

The Model X falcon wing doors make it easy to load your kids in and out of the vehicle. Compared to a conventional style door of other SUVs the access you get is unparalleled. In the Model S as a comparison, it’s like weaving a thread through a needle trying to position your child in their car seat, especially when they’re still rear facing.

// What type of entertainment does the Model X offer?

Unfortunately, the Model X doesn’t offer much in the way of entertainment built-in for the kiddos. In Kim’s story, she tells us that the kids are typically using their iPad and the other one steals her phone to keep occupied on longer road trips.

This is something we both agree is an area of opportunity for Tesla. Perhaps they could offer a Model X trim that included TVs in the back of the front captain seats?

// Other Ways the Tesla Model X Could Improve?

Kim mentioned this is her favorite car ever and is satisfied with it. That said, knowing that the designers at Tesla are always looking for ways to improve we came up with a couple of suggestions.

  • Turn the built-in wifi to a hotspot so devices like iPads can use them to access the internet. Even if we have to pay for this, it would be well worth it.

  • Add a built-in screen to the back of the front captain seats or as a flip down from the roof. This would be invaluable for those longer family road trips.

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