New York Post Attacks Elon Musk, Let’s Talk about It [LIVE]

// No, Elon Musk is Not a Total Fraud
  •  One disastrous tweet has finally revealed Elon Musk for what he is: a fraud.
  •  He has yet to succeed at anything but somehow spins every failure into proof of imminent success.
  •  Tesla is best known for blowing deadlines and consistently falling short on production.
  •  Tesla was founded in 2003, but the world’s largest automakers quickly surpassed Musk’s vision for electric vehicles. Tesla will never catch up. Shareholders are finally catching on
  •  Tesla was founded in 2003, but the world’s flargest automakers quickly surpassed Musk’s vision for electric vehicles. Tesla will never catch up. Shareholders are finally catching on. So should the government, which reportedly gifts Musk’s companies with an estimated $4.9 billion in subsidies.
    • Estimated subsidies are $4.9 trillion worldwide in 2013 and $5.3 trillion in 2015 (6.5% of global GDP in both years).
    • China was the biggest subsidizer in 2013 ($1.8 trillion), followed by the United States ($0.6 trillion), and Russia, the European Union, and India (each with about $0.3 trillion). Eliminating subsidies would have reduced global carbon emissions in 2013 by 21% and fossil fuel air pollution deaths 55%, while raising revenue of 4%, and social welfare by 2.2%, of global GDP.
  •  On a conference call with analysts in May, Musk dismissed questions about Tesla’s diminishing capital and other dubious claims with name-calling
    • The question was already answered in the letter
    • The following 20min or so from “YouTube” were objectively far more interesting
  •  “Elon plays by his own rules,” a former Tesla exec told The Washington Post, “but I think he underestimates the weight of his own words.”
  •  Musk’s attempts to insert himself into the Thai cave rescue show he has less intelligence and even less humanity than we realized. He finally apologized on Wednesday for his disgusting accusations against the hero diver, but only after shareholders demanded it and not without accusing the diver of lying, insisting his own efforts weren’t p.r.-driven but “an act of kindness.”
    • Alleged rescuer told Elon to “stick the sub where it hurts”
    • Elon responded inappropriately on twitter
    • Elon was in contact with the dive team leader the entire time, who told him to continue on his efforts, even if it would be too late
    • The dive team leader gave them specific instructions on how big to make it etc
    • And the Thai Navy Seal team actually says they can use it for some missions –
      • Maj. Gen. Chalongchai Chaiyakham, the deputy commander to Thailand’s Third Army, said Wednesday that the mini-submarine would be appropriate for use in open water and that he had heard the technology would be given to the Thai Navy SEAL team.
      • In a tweet on Thursday, a translator based in Bangkok said engineers from SpaceX, Mr. Musk’s rocket company, trained members of the Thai Navy to use the mini-submarine
// Tesla Aggressively Ramping Solar
  •  Tesla Chief Technology Officer JB Straubel made the comment to USA TODAY this week:
  • No one should see us as stepping back from solar. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s like with Model 3. People have come flooding in and are waiting on the product. So now we’re aggressively ramping our capacity.
  • Since 2015 over 1GWh installed
  • Hoping to install over 1GWh this year alone
  • Need more production from Giga 2 in Buffalo
  •  Tesla’s statement
  •  Tesla responded to GTM regarding these press reports and user forum claims. A company spokesperson said that Powerwall deliveries continue globally for orders already placed, and that new orders placed this month will be delivered at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.
  •  Upon Powerwall production ramping at the Reno Gigafactory in 2019, the goal is for retail deliveries and installations to happen within one month. The company added that Solar Roof production is also ramping at Tesla’s Buffalo, New York factory.
  •  As for PV, the company remains bullish on traditional solar for both commercial and residential rooftops and claims a four- to six-week span from sale to install. Tesla had a 16 percent market share for residential solar in 2017, way down from its 33 percent share in 2015, according to Wood Mackenzie Research.
  •   According to GTM these don’t line up – and say it’s part of the Tesla Way
  •  There’s plenty of innovation in the Tesla way, but there’s also a lot of hype, noise and distraction. There’s a clear tendency to radically over-promise and under-deliver. And there’s a cavalier attitude toward one’s own customers, employees and stockholders. We’ve seen all of these qualities in the almost three-and-a-half years since Tesla introduced its storage line and the Powerwall.
  •  The mission-centric Tesla way brought boring batteries into the hype cycle and the public consciousness, and inspired an enormous cohort of competitors and entrepreneurs to focus their lives on the energy storage industry. Now, Tesla needs to manufacture and deliver on the vision its CEO created.
  •  I agree, this is unacceptable, and I sincerely hope JB isn’t feeding the media a line about this when he says they’re aggressively pursuing it
// Why People Cancelling Their Model 3 Orders is Good For You
  • Needham & Co. analyst Rajvindra Gill says 25% of Model 3 Orders have been cancelled
  • Tesla refutes the claim
  • Latest reservation count is 420,000 outstanding reservations, as of June 30th 2018
// Performance Model 3 Review
  •  “…magnificent, a little rainbow-farting space ship, so obviously representative of the next step in the history of autos.”
  • That’s pretty high praise. But noting that it exits corners faster than a BMW M4, “out-punches” a Porsche Boxster, and out-clouds a Rolls-Royce
  • Things he didn’t like
    • 15” screen “the broken flower pot on Mona Lisa’s head.”
    • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, aren’t as grippy as he’d like
    • The A-pillar that no doubt has something to do with its rollover crash performance is too thick for his apex-hunting preferences.
  • Panel gaps straight and consistent
  • Calls Fremont “the Kobe beef of lean production”
  •  Waiting on my ride, should be soon…or not…
// Yes, I’m getting a 2nd Roadster
  • Officially have 111 referrals
  • Needed 105 to receive 2nd one
  • Might have to pay income tax on them, so likely around 95K per car
  • Not sure what to do…
// Supercharger Network Set to Double Again in 2019
  • Opened just the 2nd supercharger site in downtown last Friday
    • 10 new sites and 150 stalls in next 12 months
    • 16 urban stalls at new supercharger downtown
    • 72KW only, but consistent vs shared
// Tesla Service Getting Better
  • New parts distribution
  • More staff
  • Idea to improve – Send updates as soon as someone schedules appointment
Tesla Statement
“Our global customer satisfaction scores for service are above 90% and at a high of 97% for our mobile service program, which lets us service vehicles in customers’ driveways or at their offices. Even in North America where our customer-base has grown by 75% over the last year, customer satisfaction for service has remained consistently above 90%. Tesla has also topped Consumer Reports’ customer satisfaction survey two years in a row, with 90% of Tesla owners saying they would buy the same car again – more than any other brand. While we’re incredibly proud of the customer support and service we offer, we’re always working to improve. Here are some of the programs underway to make sure all Tesla customers have an even more exceptional experience:
  • Last quarter, we opened a new parts distribution center in California, which has tripled our fulfillment capacity for parts in North America and is helping to expedite the supply of parts to third party body shops. We’re in the process of opening a similar fulfillment center in Europe, which we expect to have the same impact.
  • For the first time, we’re trialing a small network of our own body repair shops in select markets to accommodate light repairs, with the opportunity to expand the program based on customer feedback and results.
  • Given the overwhelming success of our mobile service program, we are expanding the program from 25% coverage globally to 40% coverage globally by the end of the year.
  • While our call volumes have increased dramatically due to the overwhelming excitement around Model 3, this hasn’t impacted our ability to respond to emergency roadside events. We have plans in place to hire additional staff to support customers in the event that they are unable to find their answers on or in their Tesla account.
  • We are aggressively hiring and expanding in markets where our customer satisfaction scores for service are below average. In Norway, for instance, we have already grown our service team by 30% compared to last year, and we’re in the process of opening a large new service center in Oslo this year. Recent feedback from customers in Norway indicates that the improvements have already made a difference.”