Performance Tesla Model 3 On Sale This Week! …And Other Tesla News

The Performance Telsa Model 3 goes on sale this week! Thanks to Wunder Capital for supporting this episode. Learn more about them at

// Elon Thanks for the Couch!

* 18K going to Charity
* 7,200 of it to Renewable World
* Check them out at

// Cameo in Tesla 2018 Promo Video

Model Y teaser
Model 3 performance
Shot of roadster – where are the mirrors?

* Not how to Log while going 0-60 in 1.9
* Was at Semi unveiling
* Because I have enough referrals to get roadster I got to ride for free
* Otherwise you needed a deposit
* Check out Dan’s blog from the event

// CA Requiring Solar on New Homes, Tesla Going to Dominate?

* Quantum leap forward for renewable in CA
* Almost all new homes (exceptions where it doesn’t work)
* The new policy applies to single-family houses and multifamily units that are three stories or less, and there are some exceptions for homes that are too shady.
* Part of Gov Brown’s plan to reduce carbon emissions by 40% (but he’s retiring)

* Will Tesla dominate? Not likely…
* They don’t make a ton of solar yet, still ramping up in Buffalo with Panasonic
* New solar roof could be a boon but cost could curtail it’s adoption

* Could increase home prices, which is bad, but in the long-run it’ll be better

* Just interviewed Bryan Birsic of Wonder capital, check it out
* Learn more about wonder at

// AAA Survey finds 20% of Americans Plan on buying Electric
* Survey data
* 20% up from 15% in 2017
* Among those unsure or unwilling to choose an electric vehicle for their next car, 63 percent (down 9 percent from 2017) cited not enough places to charge as a detractor while 58 percent (down 15 percent from 2017) expressed concern over running out of charge while driving.
* Not surprisingly, range anxiety is less of a concern for millennials (48 percent) than Generation X or Baby Boomers (64 percent and 66 percent, respectively).
* Reliability is king with nine-in-ten (92 percent) of those likely to by an electric or hybrid vehicle stating it is important when evaluating which car to buy.

In 2018, the following vehicles earned AAA’s Top Green Vehicle award:
* Why no model 3?

// Tesla Australia Battery
* 6mo of operation
* When it takes over, prices usually soar
* Tesla complained they’re not being compensated fairly
* Prices for this time went down by 90%

* Renewable + Battery Storage is the answer!

// Boring Tunnel in LA almost complete
* Elon video on Instagram
* Loop under LA
* Free public rides in a couple months
* I get to ride a boring machine some day right?
* What do you think? Nervous about it?

// Interior refresh on Model S and X
* Not as substantial as thought
* Does apply to those who have outstanding orders
* If you were holding out, time to order

// Model 3 vs Premium Mid-Size Market
* Use Model 3 Ramp to predict market penetration
* Compare to BMW 3, MB C-Class, Audi A4

What about sales? When will Model 3 become the leader?

My projection here –

* Sourcing competition from
* Using Log Growth Model and assuming 5K max production for model 3

// Model 3 AWD and Performance
* End of next week, stay tuned!
* Production in July
* Air suspension next year (WOW)
* Should I order one?

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Model 3 Essentials

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