Performance Tesla Model 3 Specs and Pricing RELEASED! And More! [news]

Tesla FINALLY released their specs on the new Performance Model 3 and I definitely have some thoughts on this. I also updated the cost calculator to reflect the new options here –

More from the week that past…

// Model 3 Performance Specs and Pricing
Specs –
White Interior –

Cost –

// New Tesla Model 3 Cost Calculator

Model 3 Cost Calculator

* Include AWD and Performance options
* All in ~90K, as predicted

// Utah Model S Crash

Tesla provides details on recent Autopilot crash amid NHTSA investigation

* The driver engaged Autosteer and Traffic Aware Cruise Control on multiple occasions during this drive cycle. She repeatedly canceled and then re-engaged these features, and regularly adjusted the vehicle’s cruising speed.
* The vehicle registered more than a dozen instances of her hands being off the steering wheel in this drive cycle. On two such occasions, she had her hands off the wheel for more than one minute each time and her hands came back on only after a visual alert was provided. Each time she put her hands back on the wheel, she took them back off the wheel after a few seconds.
* About 1 minute and 22 seconds before the crash, she re-enabled Autosteer and Cruise Control, and then, within two seconds, took her hands off the steering wheel again. She did not touch the steering wheel for the next 80 seconds until the crash happened; this is consistent with her admission that she was looking at her phone at the time.

Elon tweet about this

How many people actually die from car crashes in the US?

per hour? –!/vizhome/MotorVehicleFatalitiesPerHourUSA/Sheet1?publish=yes

// How do Tesla’s hold up on Front Collision Avoidance?

How does the Model S hold up?
* Superior as well
* Why does it hit things then?

Tesla Model 3 earns ‘Superior’ front crash prevention rating by IIHS

Tesla Model 3 earns ‘Superior’ front crash prevention rating by IIHS in safety test

The Tesla Model 3 has attained a “Superior” front crash avoidance rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

* Only 1 part of the overall safety test
* The IIHS evaluates the automatic braking functions of vehicles in two tests — one at 12 mph and the other at 25 mph — on its Vehicle Research Center.
* During its 12 mph collision avoidance test, the Model 3 was able to reduce its speed by more than 10 mph, and in in the 25 mph test, the compact electric car was able to exhibit a speed reduction of over 22 mph.

More evidence of this on YouTube here ––xITOqlBCM

Check out video from Zac and Jesse on why this is –

// Elon Boring Company Session

* $1 rides
* 10min from Dodger stadium to LAX (~1hr by car)
* Digging tunnel along 405 for testing, public feedback
* Building reinforcements as they go
* Turning dirt into useful bricks (saving about 15% on cost)
* Small access points, no need for big congested stations
* Faster by continuous digging, powering by tesla batteries instead of power cords

What about utilities?
* Below all of that
* Min of 30ft below surface

* Primarily surface phenomenon
* Below surface it’s less problematic
* Mexico City subway used for evacuation during earthquake
* Safest place to be is in a Tunnel

// Tesla Powerpacks Balance the European Grid in REstore’s New Virtual Power Plant

* Balancing grid 100x faster than fossil fuel plants
* 32 MW plant
* 6mo from start to finish (wow!)
* Better able to handle frequency changes

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