Did Sabotage at Tesla Factory Cause a Fire and Delay Your Model 3? [live]

// Sabotage at Tesla Factory
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent an e-mail to all employees on Sunday night alleging there was a saboteur within the company’s ranks.
  • Musk alleged this employee tweaked code on internal products and sent company data out without authorization.
  • Tesla is in the midst of sweeping layoffs and a profitability drive. It is also under pressure to produce 5,000 Model 3s per week by the end of this quarter.
  • Email exchange between Elon and Tripp – https://jalopnik.com/heres-the-wild-email-exchange-between-teslas-alleged-sa-1827017800
    • In the lawsuit filed in federal court, Tesla accused former Gigafactory employee Tripp of unlawfully hacking into the company’s “confidential and trade secret information” and transferring “that information to third parties.”
    • “Tesla has only begun to understand the full scope of Tripp’s illegal activity, but he has thus far admitted to writing software that hacked Tesla’s manufacturing operating system (‘MOS’) and to transferring several gigabytes of Tesla data to outside entities,” the lawsuit alleges.
  • Tripp says he didn’t hack anything –https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/jun/21/tesla-whistleblower-sabotage-elon-musk-gigafactory-martin-tripp
    • “I’m not that smart,” Tripp said. “I don’t know how to code. I tried to teach myself to code and I don’t have the patience.”
    • Musk told the Guardian by email: “He initiated the email exchange this morning at 8.57am. I certainly would not have initiated contact, nor would I even know his personal email address, and it was probably unwise for me to have responded.”
The “data” he allegedly leaked as a whistleblower is the amount of scrap, and he appears to have been upset by this because of the company’s mission – http://www.businessinsider.com/tesla-model-3-scrap-waste-high-gigafactory-2018-5
  • Documents reviewed by Business Insider show that scrap at the Gigafactory may have cost the company at least $150 million.
  • Tesla told Business Insider that $150 million was an overstatement.
  • Elon tweets response about potential for others
// Tesla’s Ordered After July 1st Pay for Premium Internet Access
// Massive Shipment of Model 3’s
  • Current production rate over 3,500
  • Almost 1,000 Model 3’s spotted in Point Richmond CA
  • Last month they started delivering large quantities of Model 3 to Canada
  • Model S and X deliveries were delayed to late June
  • Likely a Move to maximize tax credit
// Model 3 Updates | Summon | Cabin Overheat Protection
  • Just in time for summer
  • Feel the Cabin Overheat protection has been on for a while
  • Looking fwd to Summon, parking is tight in CA
// Tesla Solar Facilities Closing
  • 13-14 installation facilities closing
  • The company said that cuts to its overall energy team – including batteries to store power – were in line with the broader 9 percent staff cut.
  • “We continue to expect that Tesla’s solar and battery business will be the same size as automotive over the long term,”
  • The company also fired dozens of solar customer service staffers at call centers in Nevada and Utah, according to the former Tesla employees, some of whom were terminated in last week’s cuts
  • Ending the Home Depot partnership, which allowed for solar sales in about 800 stores, is part of Tesla’s larger effort to absorb SolarCity into its high-end brand and sell through 90 of its 109 U.S. retail stores and its website, the company said.
What is the future of Tesla’s Solar Business?
  • Q1 2017 = 76 MW
  • Q1 2016 = 200 MW
“In announcing quarterly results in February, Tesla said growth in solar deployments would resume later this year.”
Tesla’s falling solar sales also could jeopardize the future of a joint venture with Panasonic, announced as Tesla moved to acquire SolarCity in 2016, to produce solar modules at a new factory in Buffalo, New York.
Tesla has an agreement with New York state requiring the company to spend $5 billion within 10 years
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  • Solar generation growing rapidly
  • Still a tiny fraction
  • Tesla’s plant might not make any real difference here
// Tesla is STILL the Most American Car Company
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