Stop Waiting For Model 3 Buy a Model S TODAY! 5 Reasons Why

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After having a Tesla Model 3 for a month I’ve concluded I would rather buy a Tesla Model S if I were in the market for car today. Here are my reasons, let me know what you think in the comments or don’t, either way this is my reasoning…

// screens / interior
* 2 screens vs 1
* instrument cluster w/ navigation
* clarity of screen and camera
* layout and design

// Storage Space / Hatchback style
* double the storage space 30cu vs 15cu
* huge hatchback with wide opening
* bigger frunk

// Software
* Model 3 Missing Features still
* No camper mode
* Navigation slow
* Missing energy maps / projections

// Performance
* 2.5 – 4.2 vs 4.6 (measured by drag times)

// Free supercharging
* Obvious Benefit, especially on trips
* Saves a ton over time
* Use my code

// BONUS! Delivery Timeline
* 1-2 weeks vs 12-18mo
* Timelines just pushed back to late 2018 for standard option
* Tons of Model S under 60K
* Might not get the latest and greatest, but still more car for your money in my book

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