Tesla Bans SuperChargers for Commercial Use

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// Ban on Superchargers for Commercial Use

Supercharger Fair Use Policy

To help ensure that Superchargers are available for their intended use, we ask that you not charge your vehicle using a Supercharger if your vehicle is being used:

* as a taxi;
* for ridesourcing or ridesharing (through Uber, Lyft or similar services);
* to commercially deliver or transport goods;
* for government purposes; or
* for any other commercial venture.

My take
* Seems hasty
* Hope they have a commercial option soon – the economics are just too good

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// EV Tax Credit Survives (for now)

The final version of the Tax reform bill in the US will NOT KILL the EV Tax Credit!

* 50 automakers and other companies and groups released a letter earlier this week urging Congress to retain the credit, including Ford, BMW AG, GM, and Uber
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// Model 3 Deliveries and 200K Estimate

The next big question is WHEN they’ll hit the 200K mark and the credit will start phasing out for Tesla?

* Parts suppliers of Tesla received increased orders to support the 5,000 per week target
* Some parts are being sent via plane instead of ship
* Hundreds of Model 3’s spotted at various delivery centers (https://www.forbes.com/sites/brookecrothers/2017/12/17/tesla-week-model-3-goal-of-5000-per-week-doable-guessing-game-begins/#3f609c41ff71)

My take?
* Still not sure about these estimates
* I’m a bit skeptical that they’re really ramping up, but hope to be wrong!

// 6’7” Man Tries Model 3

* Great video from Zac and Jesse
* Stay tuned for more in this series

// Solar Troubles in Buffalo

* First downturn in residential solar in 16 years (chart)
* 2,600 in 2016 to 2,200 in 2017
* Hiring in Buffalo is slow
* Slump in production (chart)