Tesla in India, German Gigafactory, Model 3 Details, and Model S Sales | Teslanomics Live 20170529

// Short – Tesla in India? (bloomberg)

– Elon tweeted that 30% of parts must be locally sourced in India

  • India Gov’t responded that it’s not true

  • Too much too soon IMHO

“With respect to news reports on launch plans of Tesla in India being delayed, please note some key clarifications #MakeInIndia”

  • The clarifications included,

    1. Not correct. FDI policy of India does not mandate any such minimum sourcing of components by manufacturers.
    1. After manufacturing in India, a foreign investor is permitted to sell in any manner: wholesale, retail including e-commerce.
    1. FDI policy also permits wholesale of imported goods in India without sourcing conditions.
    1. It is only for the retail trading of goods, that sourcing conditions are mandated. Conditions not applicable to manufacturers as goods are manufactured in India.

// Long – German Gigafactory (bloomberg)

  • Global battery capacity set to double by 2021 and slash costs

  • Daimler joins Tesla in investing in battery factory capacity

  • Battery costs could fall 43% in 4 years making EVs cheaper by 2023

  • More Gigafactories? Battery production tripling by 2021

  • 2030 6M EVs in Germany

I love this as Europe needs to step up its game in order to meet their Paris Climate agreement goals.

// New Model 3 Details (tesla.com)

Tesla updated the chart for comparison

They modified the ones listed under the Model S and added some under Model 3:

  • Full Self-Driving Capability

  • Aluminum and Steel Body

  • Coil Suspension

  • Optional Glass Roof

  • 18″ or 19″ Wheels

// Up Close Model 3 Photos (teslarati)

  • Dash super interesting

  • Panel gaps?

  • Color?

The Model 3 is looking great. There still seem to be some issues to work out but overall I think it will be a head turner.

// Tesla Model S Sales Dominate Luxury Market (electrek)

  • Tesla’s Model S outsells Mercedes S-Class, Porsche Panamera, and BMW 6/7 Series combined in the US

Forget that Tesla is an EV. It’s the best car in its class, regardless and recent data shows it.