Tesla Model 3 (and others) Will Uses Intel for 5G

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// RUMOR – All Tesla’s Will Get 5G Connectivity from Intel

“Tesla Model 3 has launched with Intel’s XMM7272 based Cat 6 LTE Telematics solution.

Tesla plans to scale the model 3 globally, which means there is still work to do for additional operator certs of the XMM7272 platform in China and Korea. XMM7272 now also has good chance to expand into additional Tesla car models throughout 2018. Further, the Intel team is also working to win Tesla’s next generation Telematics platform using XMM7662 and 5G. (NOTE: Intel is "all-in” on 5G.

Partnering with Tesla has been an interesting journey. As a new, “disruptive” Automotive manufacturer, Tesla does things differently than most of the Auto industry. Instead of relying on traditional 3rd party electronics system suppliers (aka “Tier 1’s”), Tesla managed the details of this design integration directly. This required Intel to work very closely with module partner, Telit, as well as Tesla directly and bring deep technical expertise, innovation and flexibility to make this project a success.

This engagement with Tesla has helped Intel learn a lot about bringing their cellular connectivity technologies to the Auto market. With this achievement, Intel is recognized as a legitimate player in the telematics segment which has otherwise been dominated by Qualcomm. These learnings and market recognitions give Intel the opportunity to compete for nearly every new automotive telematics RFQ across a worldwide set of automotive manufacturers. BMW, GM, and many others are now in sight and the teams continue to work tirelessly in pursuit of these new automotive customers.“

// More Superchargers in Cities – Tesla

"Supercharger stations in urban areas will be installed in convenient locations, including supermarkets, shopping centers and downtown districts, so it’s easy for customers to charge their car in the time it takes to grocery shop or run errands. They also have the same pricing as our existing Superchargers, which is far cheaper than the cost of gasoline.

Superchargers in urban areas have a new post design that occupies less space and is easier to install, making them ideal for dense, highly populated areas. To increase efficiency and support a high volume of cars, these Superchargers have a new architecture that delivers a rapid 72 kilowatts of dedicated power to each car. This means charging speeds are unaffected by Tesla vehicles plugging into adjacent Superchargers, and results in consistent charging times around 45 to 50 minutes for most drivers.”

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// LONG – Tesla Extends Batteries for People Fleeing Irma – Teslarati

  • The right thing to do
  • Best PR Move in History
  • Hopefully it helped

“Tesla has issued a surprise over the air software update to Model S/X 60(D) owners living within Florida’s Hurricane Irma evacuation zone. Model S/X 60(D) vehicles with a 75 kWh battery pack that were previously software limited to 210 miles of driving range per single charge were automatically upgraded to 249 miles, and given temporary access to the full range capacity of the battery.”

// SHORT – Mazda Doubles Down on Fossil Fuels – Jalopnik

  • Same old argument about EVs getting power from “dirty” sources
  • Need to digest it more
  • They’re missing the point of reducing pollution and creating a network effect as the grid gets cleaner

// New Nissan Leaf – Nissan

  • Looks much better
  • ePedal (eg. 1 pedal driving)
  • Instant Acceleration
  • ProPilot Assist
  • 360 Camera (This is cool!)
  • App to turn car on etc.
  • 150mi really?
  • Price (29 – 36K) – Best Feature
  • Still an “EV” that is trying to be a car, versus a great car that happens to be an EV

// Self-Driving Laws in USA – Reuters

  • Could be great
  • Our government sucks tho

// Model 3 Calculator – https://teslanomics.co/model3cost2

  • Wow! Huge response!
  • Over 85K Responses so far, updates coming, will also analyze data in future videos

3// BMW Redesigns i3 to compete with Tesla – Bloomberg

  • Just make it a damn 3 series already!
  • Was impressed at EV Day with their other options

// WOW – China to Ban Sales of Fossil Fuel Cars – Bloomberg

  • Regulators are working on a timetable of the ban, Xin says
  • China joins U.K., France to phase out combustion-engine cars

“China will set a deadline for automakers to end sales of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles, becoming the biggest market to do so in a move that will accelerate the push into the electric car market led by companies including BYD Co. and BAIC Motor Corp.

Xin Guobin, the vice minister of industry and information technology, said the government is working with other regulators on a timetable to end production and sales. The move will have a profound impact on the environment and growth of China’s auto industry, Xin said at an auto forum in Tianjin on Saturday.”

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