Tesla Model 3 Bottlenecks and Puerto Rico Aid Delay Semi-Truck Unveil

// Main Story – Tesla Model 3 Bottlenecks and Puerto Rico Aid Delays Semi-Truck Unveil twitter

  • Elon announced delay of Tesla Semi-Truck Unveil to Nov 16th
  • Model 3 Deliveries in Q3 far short of previously stated goals (220 of 1500)
  • Elon Tweets video of Model 3 line (seemingly to rebuke reports of people manually building them) instagram
  • Tesla Sending Powerwall Batteries to Puerto Rico TheVerge
  • Tesla covering expenses for people that had already booked travel twitter
  • More on Tesla helping PR Now You Know

// Tesla Referral Program Update here

  • Discount expires Oct 31st so spread the word!
  • 43 people have used our code in this segment of the program
  • Almost 30K lb of CO2 removed from our efforts

// TeslaCon New Speaker

  • Saul Lopez!
  • Closing in on Keynote speaker
  • Signup for updates at teslacon.online

// EV Match has an App

  • Use to find places to charge and to host others

// Tesla Model 3 Delivery Ramp Update

// Tesla Q3 Deliveries

  • US Total = 143K using InsideEVs.com Scorecard
  • Tax credit still likely to being phase-out in Q1 of 2018
  • 2018 could be a monster year for Tesla
  • Tesla Sales Forecast

// Tesla starts installing more Solar Roofs Electrek

“The first solar roof installations have been completed recently at the homes of our employees, who we chose to be our first customers to help perfect all aspects of Solar Roof customer experience. By pairing either Solar Roof or our existing retrofit solar panels with a Powerball, our customers can enjoy sustainable energy independence.” – Tesla

Ramp up expected later this year

// E-Dumper, the worlds largest EV Psy.org

  • 700 kWh battery
  • 45 Tons empty plus 65 Tons of loading capacity

“Ten hard years of toil are in store for the electrically powered Komatsu HD 605-7. It is expected to transport material down from a mountain ridge and into the valley, 20 times a day – more precisely, from a quarry on the slopes of the Chasseral to the Ciments Vigier SA cements works near Biel. The electric drive carries key advantages for these journeys: instead of heating up the brakes during the descent, the gigantic electric engine acts like a generator recharging the battery pack. The empty truck then uses this energy to travel back up the hill. If all goes as planned, the electric dumper truck will even harvest more electricity while traveling downhill than it needs for the ascent. Instead of consuming fossil fuels, it would then feed surplus electricity into the grid.”