Tesla Model 3 Delay Insights from Earnings Call – Are We Still in Production Hell?

Tesla delayed delivery estimates for nearly everyone again. That’s our top story in this episode of Teslanomics Live. Get invited to the Q&A portion on crowdcast by joining here https://teslanomics.co/join

// Model 3 Delay

Waiting For Your $35,000 Tesla Model 3? Be Patient. It’s Gonna Be A While.

* Late 2018 for Standard
* AWD for CA Mid 2018
* 2 Modules of 4 are bottleneck

// Roadster to Mars
* SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch
* Spaceman orbiting earth on way to mars

// Earnings Call Highlights

// No 2170 cells for S and X
* Would need to reconfigure entire supply chain
* Manufacturing line would need updating

// Coast to Coast Road Trip
* Could have done it, but wasn’t true solution
* Pushed back due to Model 3

// Model Y
* Investments later this year
* Could be profitable by then, but will invest in Model Y instead
* Could get them to 1M per year

// Interesting Notes
* The factory will be the product
* Energy sector will be more powerful company segment
* John McNeil leaving, sales and service reporting to Elon, no intent to search for replacement

// Update to my video on Friday

* I would take a 35K model 3 over a 75K Model S
* Still would take a used Model S over a 3 for the same price

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