Tesla Model 3 Flaw? Who’s Telling the Truth?

  • Batteries Touching Issue
Two current engineers told CNBC that they are concerned some of the batteries being shipped do not have the minimum gap required between lithium-ion cells. These engineers warned that this “touching cells” flaw could cause batteries to short out or, in worse cases, catch fire.
These engineers said they raised the issue internally, but their concerns were shrugged off by managers.
…Tesla Response…
The long term reliability of cell position is something validated through testing…All of this testing is designed to prevent touching cells from being installed in any of our vehicles, including Model 3.”
And here’s another part of that response worth highlighting  — if only to show that the company hits back with Trumpian umbrage:
Finally, the implication that Tesla would ever deliver a car with a hazardous battery is absolutely inaccurate, contrary to all evidence, and detached from reality. It is irresponsible to suggest as much based on unnamed, anonymous sources who have provided no such evidence and who obviously do not have a complete understanding of the extensive testing that all batteries in Tesla vehicles are subjected to.
–Tesla spokesperson, January 25, 2018
  • Manual Assembly
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  • The new solar farms are part of the global shift away from energy generated from fossil fuels.
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