Is Tesla Model 3 the Safest Car You Can Buy? First Rollover Accident Details [live]

// Model 3 Roll Over Accident Shows Superior Safety
She was traveling on the freeway at approximately 70mph in the left lane. The car collided with a second vehicle in the middle lane. The front driver side of the Model 3 then hit the cement median with enough force to shear the front wheel off. Then the slide sideways and started rolling. A witness said the car rolled “several times” before finally settling upside down. The other car also hit the median, though much less violently, and we believe the driver was uninjured.
I thought the car performed spectacularly from a safety standpoint. The driver seat airbags protected her during the roll including one underneath the steering wheel for her legs which I didn’t even know was there. As you can see from the photos the cabin was completely intact. The windshield and glass roof obviously shattered but they did not intrude into the cabin at all.
// Tesla Did It!! Tax Credit Will Last Until END OF 2018
  • Quick Recap
  • Short answer – Make sure to take delivery of your Tesla this Year!
// Tesla China Plant
  • Elon in Shanghai for event Tuesday
  • Tarrifs just kicked in causing prices to rise in China
  • 500K Cars Per Year at new plant
Elon Musk sealed a crucial agreement Tuesday to start building its second car assembly plant in the world. Construction will begin soon after approvals and permits are secured, and the first vehicles will roll off the line within roughly two years, a Tesla spokesman said in an email. It’ll take another two to three years for the factory to reach its capacity to build about 500,000 vehicles annually.
// Q&A with Elon on Bloomerg
  • re twitter behavior
  • “I have made the mistaken assumption—and I will attempt to be better at this—of thinking that because somebody is on Twitter and is attacking me that it is open season,” he said in an hour-long interview with Bloomberg Businessweek for this week’s cover story. “That is my mistake. I will correct it.”
  • re future of Tesla
  • Basically, I believe Model 3 is the last bet-the-company situation,” he says. “We will still need to work hard and be vigilant and not be complacent because it is very difficult just to survive as a car company. But it will not be the same level of strain as getting to volume production of Model 3.”
  • re 5K model 3 production 
  • People were pretty fired up. You can see it in the pictures that people posted. You can tell from looking at people’s faces. But everybody was super gung ho to make the number and to make sure that they could do it. We had a lot of challenges.
  • On over-automation
  • It was like rush hour traffic at a bunch of stop streets and like no highways or anything. It’s like you just took all the highways away from L.A. or something. It sounds good on PowerPoint and it was terrible in reality.
  •  There are parts of it that are completely automated, no person there at all. And then there are parts of it which are completely manual, no machines there at all. Then there are parts of it that are partly automated and partly manual.
  •  Part of the problem is that the designing heads were naive about manufacturing. Just because we have something that works great in a simulation does not mean that it works great in reality.
  • on Model 3 quality
  • You know, what I think about as Tesla is kind of like a computer on wheels. It’s extremely upgradable. So we’re going to just keep adding more and more functionality to the Model 3. So the longer you own the Model 3, the better the car is going to get.
  • Out of hell yet?
  • I feel like we have got like one foot in hell.
  • About “toxic” twitter rants – will change as grow?
  • You can’t both be a strong bully and about to die. We’re either weak and dying or a strong bully. Like which one are we?
  • I would like to make the point that I never launched an attack on anyone who did not attack me first. So the question is: If somebody attacks you on Twitter, should you say nothing? Probably the answer in some cases is yes, I should say nothing. In fact, most of the time I do say nothing. I should probably say nothing more often.
  • About Employee Treatment
  • In order for us to succeed, in order for us to live, we must work very hard. But the notion that people are not treated well at Tesla is false. The UAW has a strong interest in promoting the idea that people aren’t treated well. But, you know, come in and walk around. And I don’t mean like a North Korea guided tour. Go anywhere you want, any time. Go left, go right, go anywhere you want. Talk to people. See if they seem unhappy. See if they seem like they’re not well treated. Bring others. We won’t even escort you. Just walk around. Go any direction you want—no escort.
  • About Sleeping at Factory
  • The reason I sleep on the floor was not because I couldn’t go across the road and be at the hotel. It was because I wanted my circumstance to be worse than anyone else at the company on purpose. Like whatever pain they felt, I wanted mine to be worse. That’s why I did it. And it makes a huge difference to people.
  • At GM they’ve got a special elevator for executives. Like the top floor of GM tower is reserved for the chairperson and CEO. They’ve got special cutlery. They’ve got a waitstaff for an executive restaurant. They have special elevators so they don’t have to mingle with anyone else. My desk is the smallest desk in the factory—literally. And I am barely there. The reason people in the paint shop were working their ass off is because I was in the paint oven with them. I’m not in some ivory tower. I invite you to come by and ask them.
  • On Future Product Cycles
  • I do not see us doing another thing where we go five times bigger. Once we break through to mass market cars, where mass market is on the order of a quarter million vehicles per year, I cannot see us doing a 1.2 million-vehicle program of one particular model.
  • Next Project?
  • The Model Y. We’ve almost finished the design in the studio of Model Y, and we will probably debut the prototype, you know, roughly in March of next year. Maybe I shouldn’t tempt fate, but I did say March 15 as kind of a joke.
  • We’re a few months away from finishing the design. You finish the broad brush strokes, but there are still a lot of fine brush strokes. The broad brush strokes, we’re maybe a few months away from finishing.
// Dear Elon
  • You went through hell as a kid
  • You’ve accomplished some amazing things
  • You’re at the brink of unprecedentedly greatness, Alexander the Great type stuff
  • You’ve made reusable rockets a thing
  • You’ve made electric cars sexy
  • You’ve inspired a new generation of kids that believe Mars is a place we’ll setup colonies
  • Not to mention you made online payments something we can trust
  • Millions, no, tens of millions look to you for one of the last hope for mankind, seriously
  • With all that out in mind, I feel I speak for all of your fans when I say stop it with the Twitter rants
  • Stop criticizing the press, we all know they’re biased and controlled by oligarchs with an agenda
  • Stop worrying about the haters, they don’t deserve your attention
  • Tesla is great and the production problems are almost behind us
  • The amazing people there deserve a better representative, and you can be that person as you have for so many years – or JB would do a great job also
  • SpaceX is poised to dominate and create a dozen new industries – and Gwen Whitwell would be an amazing CEO
  • So my point is, I know suffering is what you’re comfortable with, it’s in your nature, but you’ve got some great teams in place and they could take the reins if you want or need a break
  • Whatever you decide, do us all a favor, the millions of fans and generation of kids looking up to you and tens of thousands that work at your companies and give Twitter a rest for a while
// Referral Program Extended to End of July
  • I was wrong, but the program does appear likely to change again
  • Remember that tax credit ends this year so make sure to get your Tesla soon!