Tesla Model 3 Will Cost Around $50K – New Survey of 10K Reservation Holders

The Tesla Model 3, their most anticipated car yet is scheduled to begin production in July 2017. We still don’t know what all the configuration options will be, however, that hasn’t stopped nearly 10,000 reservation holders from submitting their choices on Model3Tracker.info

On the site, you can submit your preferences and receive an estimated cost using a pricing model based on what we know of the Model S pricing. These are estimates and bound to be different from the actual price that Tesla will charge. However, these prices were vetted by many in the Tesla community and even if close, tell an interesting story about how the launch of the Model 3 will go, financially, for Tesla.

Below, are the results of the most popular feature and the overall most popular configuration of the Tesla Model 3, with the price estimate in USD, CAD, and EUR.

If you have a Model 3 reservation please help support this project even after the configurations are announced by submitting your info at Model3Tracker.info