Tesla Model 3’s Biggest Flaw Solved by Navdy? My Review of the Navdy Heads Up Display

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// Disclaimer

I was not paid to do this review. Navdy did send me the unit for testing, however, I was not compensated. I do not do branded content as I want to share my true opinion about products such as these so while I may take on sponsors in the future, I’ll never try to deceive you about if I’m getting paid for a review or not.

// Navdy Hardware

The Navdy is well built. All of the finishes go nicely with the Tesla build quality and fit right in. While made to be lightweight the unit itself doesn’t feel cheap. All of the cords and accessories needed to mount in your car match perfectly maintaining a clean and tech look.

// Navdy Setup

This was a pleasant surprise. I spent zero seconds reading the instruction manual (typical male I know) but it didn’t matter. The cable attachments, dash mount, and the unit itself all fit together nicely without any issues.

// Navdy App

The app was rather large but with a fast data connection, I didn’t have any issues installing and setting it up on my Google Pixel. Navdy integrates with Google Now which is nice and lets me trigger the voice control from a steering wheel attachment.

// Driving with Navdy

The clear display of the Navdy was a bit difficult to adjust at first, but once I set it everything worked fine. As I drove I tried to not focus too much on the Navdy display but found myself constantly staring at it.

Only after a couple drives was I able to regain my focus on the road ahead. This could have been dangerous. So when you first get your Navdy I’d recommend taking some time to get familiar before heading out on a drive.

// Incoming Calls and Texts

The Navdy has a nice feature that lets you wave your hand to accept or reject an incoming call or text. For calls, you can then wave away the call when complete, never having to take your eyes off the road.

For text messages, I like that Navdy integrates with all my messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, and Signal. This is a nice touch as other products I’ve used like this require you to select just one app to send and receive messages from.

// Navigating with Navdy

The Navdy navigation was surprisingly good. I learned later that it uses the same maps provider as Tesla and stores them offline so you’ll never need to worry about any issues when you loose connection. The big win for me here was that the Navdy tells me my upcoming turn. The Tesla in-dash navigation only shows me the route. I have to glance over at the center monitor in order to see what the actual upcoming turn is. This could easily be fixed by Tesla, but for now, I’m giving kudos to Navdy on this.

// Listening to Music with Navdy

The Navdy is pretty controlling when it comes to working with your car. I found it would continually start playing music if I tried to hit pause/stop on my Tesla display, however, if I controlled it from the Navdy it worked well. I’d like for this to be better in a future release of their UI. For now, though it works well enough, and since it integrates with Google Voice / Siri I can play anything, regardless of which app it’s from. That’s a big bonus since the Tesla currently doesn’t have this option.

// Navdy Recommendations

I liked the Navdy. I think if my car didn’t already have an advanced digital dashboard I would buy one. Since my Model S already duplicates many of these functions, however, I don’t think I’ll be keeping the unit they sent me. If the Model 3 does indeed lack any type of dashboard behind the steering wheel or Heads Up Display (HUD) I think this would be a great addition. One question is how will the dashboard behind the steering wheel of the Model 3 actually sit. In other words, will the Navdy fit well behind it or will it not be positioned right? Time will tell…

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