Tesla Model S Vs Lucid Air: A Compelling EV Newcomer With an Attractive Price

Lucid unveiled their new EV, the Air, in December of 2016 with a fair amount of good press. At the time they boasted about beating the Tesla Model S in a 0-60 race, this has since changed with the P100D setting a new record. Since then most speculation has priced the Lucid Air at 100K or more.

In March of 2017 Lucid announced pricing and features for their new base model Air. This series called “Clear the Air” is set to help them share information with the market and grow interest around their progress.

In this video, I look at how this new base model Lucid Air stacks up against a Tesla Model S 60. Of course, since recording this Tesla has announced they no longer will be offering the 60 but the comparison is still relevant considering the primary variable is the range of the Model S.

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Clear the Air by Lucid Motors