Tesla Has Officially WON – LIVE Q&A and News for Nov 20th, 2017

// Semi Truck Stats – https://tesla.com/semi
 – No Trailer 0-60 in 5sec, (15sec normal truck)
 – 0-60 in 20sec w/ 80K lb trailer (normal truck ~1min)
 –  climbs 5% grades at a steady 65 mph, whereas a diesel truck maxes out at 45 mph on a 5% grade.
 – no shifting or clutching for smooth acceleration and deceleration, and its regenerative braking recovers 98% of kinetic energy to the battery, giving it a basically infinite brake life.
 – Megachargers, a new high-speed DC charging solution, will add about 400 miles in 30 minutes and can be installed at origin or destination points and along heavily trafficked routes, enabling recharging during loading, unloading, and driver breaks.
 – reinforced battery that shields the Semi from impact and gives it an exceptionally low center of gravity
 – Its windshield is made of impact resistant glass. – https://teslamotors.app.box.com/v/pressfiles/file/248212582809
With far fewer moving parts than a diesel truck – no engine, transmission, after-treatment system or differentials to upkeep – the Tesla Semi requires significantly less maintenance. Its battery is similar in composition to the batteries of Tesla energy products and is designed to support repeated charging cycles for over a million miles, while its motors are derived from the motors used in Model 3 and have been validated to last more than one million miles under the most demanding conditions.
Cost of Ownership
The biggest immediate cost-advantage comes from savings in energy costs: fully loaded, the Tesla Semi consumes less than two kilowatt-hours of energy per mile and is capable of 500 miles of range at GVW and highway speed, accommodating a wide range of shipping applications given that nearly 80% of freight in the U.S. is moved less than 250 miles. Coupled with the low and stable nature of electricity prices – which average $0.12/kWh in the U.S. and can be significantly less for commercial and industrial users, falling to almost nothing when combined with local solar generation and storage – owners can expect to gain $200,000 or more in savings over a million miles based on fuel costs alone.
Reservations for the Tesla Semi can be made for $5,000 USD per truck. Production in 2019.
// Roadster Stats – https://www.tesla.com/roadster/
 – 0-60 in 1.9sec
 – 0-100 in 4.2sec
 – 1/4 mile in 8.8sec
 – 620 mile range (200kWh battery)
 – Top Speed 250mph+
 – Price 200-250K
 // Event
 – Model 3 old news?
 – Best Tesla Event Yet
 – Roadster ride was incredible
 – Vlog coming soon
// TeslaCon Tix Sold Out (for now)
 – Get on waitlist at https://teslacon.online
// What’s Next for Tesla?
– Buses
– Smaller Trucks
– Model Y
// Q&A?
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