Tesla Project Loveday Entry – The Plan

Almost all of the innovation in tech this past decade has been digital. It’s almost like the internet killed our passion to create physical things and advance our state of being.

Our climate is changing, like it or not. But we can change that if we get our head on straight.

We only have one planet, and for hundreds of years, we’ve been exploiting its resources for the profit of few.

The plan is simple as I said…

Part 1 – There is a massive fusion reactor in the sky beaming down more energy than we could possibly need to power our homes, our cars, and even our smart little devices.

Part 2 – We capture that energy and store it locally. So when the sun goes away, and we can’t use it’s energy directly, we have enough to get us through to the next day.

This is true freedom. This is real independence.

Now you may think this is science fiction, but it’s not. You may believe that this is a far-off reality in the future, but it’s not.

You can take control of your energy independence today. So for those of you that can, I say you should. For if we don’t decide to be the change, we want to see in the world, who is going to decide what this world will look like in the future?

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10 year old Bria Loveday sent us a letter and suggested we hold a video contest. We thought that was a great idea (thanks Bria). Over the next couple of months we will collect videos from around the world as part of the “Project Loveday” video contest. If you’re interested in submitting a video, simply create it, keep it to 90 seconds or less, send us a YouTube link along with your entry form, and wait to see if you’re one of our top winners.