Tesla Semi Truck – What I Hope To See

On Nov 16th I’ll be attending the Tesla Semi Truck Unveiling, so I wanted to share what I’m hoping to see at the event.

#1 Autopilot
– Autopilot is a must
– Increased Safety
– Increased Efficiency

What level of autopilot will Tesla offer? Will this deliver better driving efficiency and safety? How much harder is this over a regular consumer car.

#2 Power/Performance

Elon famously said that his Semi would tow a regular semi-uphill in a tug of war. The test mule showed some impressive pickup.

How much power will it have compared to a diesel truck in this class?

#3 Economical Price
– Stylish design and advanced tech won’t go far here
– Needs to make economic sense
– If the numbers don’t add up it won’t matter how sexy it is

Will Tesla be able to paint a picture where the reduced costs of maintenance and fuel lead to a better ROI for trucking companies? If not, what’s their angle to make their truck more attractive? Do they have partners lined up already?

#4 Full Self-Driving Roadmap

– The future is self-driving, but it’s a long way aways
– Autopilot in the Model S isn’t perfect
– FSD will save upwards of 26% of total cost

Considering the added level of caution with a medium to large commercial vehicle, what is their plan for full autonomy (level 5) in the future? Are there municipalities they are working with already on this?