Tesla Sued by Idiot Millionaire With Too Much Money and Time

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// Short – Tesla Sued by Idiot Millionaire Has Too Much Money and Time – NY Post

“A multi-millionaire is set to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars suing Tesla over a tiny tear in his seat. Tech mogul Alain Cohen, 50, was one of Tesla’s first customers and forked out nearly $386,000 for three state-of-the-art cars — including $125,000 for a red Model S sedan. But a few months after getting his newest vehicle in 2015 he says he noticed the back seat was squeaky and sounded like an “old taxi” — so he took it to a Tesla repair center. Cohen claims mechanics trying to solve the problem managed to rip the leather interior and promised to replace the seat. But after 12 months — and he claims dozens of ignored emails and blanked phone calls — Cohen insists the company has still not fixed the problem.”

"Tesla denies this is the case, and a spokeswoman said the company has been trying to install a new seat for months.”

// Tesla Settings to the Cloud – Teslarati

  • Based on Elon’s tweets Tesla will be moving driver settings to their servers (eg. The Cloud)
  • Elon tweeted "We are going to move all info and settings to the "cloud” (aka server) so any Tesla you drive in the world automatically adjusts to you”
  • This is one small step towards the Tesla Network as I see it and could will become second nature to us all in the future.
  • The one feature I hope to see here is that whichever Tesla you get in, that it recognizes you via bluetooth key
  • Having to sign in sucks

// A Tesla owner shows his 97-year-old Grandpa a car from the future – TechCrunch

  • Great video, go watch and let your heart be warmed 😃

// Cool – Tiny House pics from Australia from viewer Tim

Photos Here

// WOW – Model X P100D Beats Lamborghini Aventador SV – YouTube

  • Pretty Amazing
  • The Lambo caught up just after the finish line as it was still gaining torque
  • It’s insane you can get a car this fast for 1/5th the price

// Tesla Energy – Rooftop Solar is Coming to Home Depot Thanks to GE and Tesla – TechCrunch

  • Rooftop systems in four states cut grid demand by one third
  • Part of Home Depot’s plan to get 135 megawatts of clean power

“General Electric Co.’s Current unit and Tesla Inc. will install solar systems on 50 Home Depot Inc. stores and sell the power output to the retailer.” – Bloomberg

// LONG – New Autopilot 2.5 Hardware for Self-Driving – Electrek

"Tesla has been equipping all its vehicles produced since October 2016 with a “supercomputer” as part of its Autopilot 2.0 hardware to run its deep learning neural net computer vision technology, which the company believes will eventually enable fully self-driving capability through future software updates.“

Tesla Statement to Electrek "The internal name HW 2.5 is an overstatement, and instead it should be called something more like HW 2.1. This hardware set has some added computing and wiring redundancy, which very slightly improves reliability, but it does not have an additional Pascal GPU.”

Tesla continued to say “However, we still expect to achieve full self-driving capability with safety more than twice as good as the average human driver without making any hardware changes to HW 2.0. If this does not turn out to be the case, which we think is highly unlikely, we will upgrade customers to the 2.5 computer at no cost.”

// Great read – How Tesla Beat the Oil Lobby – Forbes

"For decades, Big Oil would buy up and bury any technology that could compete with their global monopoly. They knew that the world’s dependency on fossil fuels would not last for ever, so they have already invested in “alternative fuels”, such as BioDiesel, Hydrogen and Natural Gas.

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