Tesla Supercharger Costs Visualized: No More Free Lunch! But How Much Will it Really Cost?

Tesla finally announced details about the Supercharger costs for new Tesla owners. Any vehicle ordered after January 15th, 2017 will receive 400kWh of charging per year after which they’ll have to pay a fee. In some countries and states, the rates are per minute where there are two tiers. Once you reach 60kWh of charging the 2nd tier pricing kicks in. Since this can be a bit confusing, and the cost would vary by car, I wanted to try and help people figure out how much a trip might cost.

Visit this link below to calculate your trip. You’ll want to enter the total distance, starting charge, credits available, and car model. The model adjusts the coefficient used in the calculation of the effective rate. That basically takes into account the added cost of charging beyond 60kWh each time you stop. You could offset this if you only ever charge to 60kWh but the estimate should still be fairly accurate here.

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