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// Updates

  • New Online Course – Python Tips and Tricks linkedin

// Price Target – Seeking Alpha

  • Morgan Stanley boosts its price target on Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) to $317 from $305 on a higher expectation for Model 3 deliveries this year and a raised level of comfort with long-term investments.
  • Baird takes his price target on Tesla to $411 from $368. “In our opinion, TSLA isn’t a good short headed into the Model 3 ramp as we continue to believe upcoming catalysts will drive shares higher,”

// Tiny House – TechCrunch

  • Powerball Sales in Australia

Tesla has a new way to demonstrate the possibilities of its home solar products to potential customers – using a ‘tiny house’ on wheels, which it can tow on a rolling tour with a Tesla Model X. The Tesla Tiny House made its official debut in Australia (via Electrek), where it will welcome visitors at Melbourne’s Federation Square, before taking off for a cross-country Australian tour.

// Tesla Dominating Autonomous Market – HuffPo

  • Autonomous Vehicles Will Increase Automobile Traffic by 3X in 2030.
  • Autonomous Taxis Should Reduce the Cost of Door-to-Door Mobility Radically
  • Auto Accident Rates Should Decline By Over 80%
  • Tasha Keeny’s articles here

// SHORT – Tesla Sales People Lying about Tax Credit – Electrek

  • Tesla salespeople are telling Model 3 reservation holders that $7,500 federal tax credit runs out in 2017
    For example, a Tesla owner advisor wrote in an email to a Model 3 reservation holder in Texas (via thrftshxp):

“The Model 3 is on average pricing around $57,000 pre-tax and unless you get delivery this year it doesn’t look like it will have the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit.”

The email goes on to push the Model 3 reservation holder toward a Model S 75 instead, which is being described as “the same cost” as a Model 3.

Update: Tesla told Electrek that they do not approve of the email.

// LONG – NorthVolt Battery Plant – bloomberg

  • 32gWh plant
  • 4B Euros
  • Will rival Gigafatory
  • 6yrs out "Fully Operational”

“The company plans to break ground on the first phase of its factory in the second half of 2018 and begin a pre-production line a year later. Carlsson is anticipating to deliver his first battery cells in late 2020.”

// Questions Answered

  • With apparently only FM radio built into the Model 3 infotainment system, is it Tesla’s expectations that all other forms of entertainment be streamed? What are the chances of a SiriusXM app or future option?
  • Will M3 offer voice activation without touching the display? Something like “OK Tesla” similar to OK Google or Hey Siri? I can’t imagine taking my eyes off the road just to adjust the temp or change music.
  • Is it possible to install an aftermarket 1 ¼ inch trailer hitch to the Model 3 or Model s? This is to handle a bike carrier.
    Do you expect the white interior on the Model 3 have an upgrade charge?
  • “You think that Tesla will reach the 200 000 cars sold in Q4 2017, rather than Q1 2018. With the Model 3 ramp up, wouldn’t Tesla have a super incentive to delay this milestone to the early hours of 2018 so that a max of super patient US customers can benefit from the full federal tax credit? Can they do this?”

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