Teslab: The App Every Tesla Model S and Model X Owner Needs Right Now – Get More From Your Tesla

Teslab is a new app that helps you get more out of your Tesla Model S, Model X, or soon, your Model 3. The new Tesla companion app gives you insights into your driving styles, phantom drain, and lets you compete on leaderboards with other Tesla owners all around the world.

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The founders of Teslab are data geeks just like us, so when I connected with them recently and learned of this app, I was immediately interested. I spent a couple weeks testing it out and exploring all the features to understand what I liked and what I didn’t. In this review of the Teslab app, I break down exactly what I found and what you can expect to get if you decide to join the beta.

When it comes to tracking your trips in your Tesla, there have been a few sites in the past which attempted this, but none do it as well as Teslab. I’m a bit biased, but the data visualizations are truly beautiful and informative. As someone that loves Tesla and data the effort and care, they put in really spoke to me.

One concern I did have with the app is privacy. As someone who believes that we inherited have a right to control how our data is used, especially when it comes to trips in our Teslas, I thought this could be better. Right now to use the social features of the app you are required to share more data than I would like. I have spoken with Teslab about this, and they’ve assured me that as the community grows and more feedback comes in they will be looking to add more fine-grain privacy controls. That said, there is an option in the app to turn off sharing of all data which in turn also disables the social aspects of the app.

Some ideas I think this could be used for in the future are:

– Exporting trip data for business mileage reimbursement

– Identifying issues with charging

– Tuning your driving style for maximum efficiency

– Best practices for reducing phantom drain

If you’re a Tesla owner of either a Model S, Model X, or soon a Model 3, this is the companion app for your car that you must get. Plus it’s free!

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