TeslaCon 2017 – The Tesla And EV Event Of The Year!

What happens when the best and brightest in the Tesla and EV community join forces? We Accelerate the Transition Together. This is the mantra of TeslaCon 2017, the online event of the year for Tesla and EV fans.

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It all started back in January when I switch my channel (Ben Sullins Data Geek) over to Teslanomics. Instead of focusing on general Data Science topics I decided to focus on my passion for Tesla and the EV market.

Since then I’ve been fortunate to make many friends in the community and on a summer night in San Francisco, we all got together for a memorable evening. We had a ton of fun together and decided we need to continue these meetups. Thus, TeslaCon was born.

After our original meetup, I started thinking how we could expand beyond the small gatherings and share this experience with the entire Tesla and EV community. That’s when I recalled my experience at Hack Summit.

Hack Summit was the largest virtual conference in history, the largest programming conference in history, and the largest hackathon in history! And it was all made possible by CrowdCast.

So with my desire to bring the community together and a platform that would allow virtually everyone to join, the wheels were in motion.

TeslaCon aims to bring the Tesla and EV communities together to discuss new ideas and make new ones with the aim of helping us accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and transportation, together.

As we finalize more details we’ll post here and to those on the waitlist. You can learn more and sign-up for early access here: https://www.teslacon.online

I, and the other Tesla Tubers, all look forward to seeing you there!