Teslanomics Live for June 26th – 300mi Model 3, Autopilot Can Kill You, Tesla Copies Apple, and More..

// Stanford Team Wireless Charging Breakthrough (youtube)

  • Stanford Team

  • Demo on YouTube

  • Energy transfer to moving object

  • Consistent energy transmission

  • Could be used for cellphones etc.

// Tesla Model S Goes 560mi on a single charge (teslarati)

“Steven Peeters had a dream for his Tesla Model S P100D, to break the world record for longest trip in an electric vehicle on a single charge.

The previous record, depending on how it’s viewed, was held by early Model S adopter and YouTuber Bjørn Nyland when his P85D made it 452.79 mi (728.7 km) on just one charge. The other record, arguably more impressive because the driver Casey Spencer managed to drive his Model S 85D 26+ hours continuously and at a snail’s pace without restroom breaks, registered 550.3 mi (885.62 km) with 0 mi left on the display, besting Nyland by over 100 mi (161 km). However, and admittedly, Spencer noted that there was a downhill segment of the record setting journey which many believed to be an unfair advantage.” – Mike Dolzer (Teslarati)

// Tesla Driver In Fatal Florida Crash Got Numerous Warnings To Take Control Back From Autopilot (jalopnik)

"The new details of the crash were revealed in more than 500 pages of records collected as part of the National Transportation Safety Board’s ongoing investigation into the 2016 incident.” – Jalopnik

"The report said the Autopilot mode remained on during most of his trip and that it gave him to a visual warning seven separate times that said “Hands Required Not Detected.”

In six cases, the system then sounded a chime before it returned to “Hands Required Detected” for one to three second periods.”

  • It had to happen eventually, hopefully, this will be the last…

// VidCon Recap (photos)

  • Mostly for Teens and Tweens

  • Next time need Industry pass

  • Made some good connections

  • Inspired for the potential of the channel

// Tesloop Ride (photos)

  • Super economical ($60)

– Comfortable

  • Snacks, Wifi, My own Music

  • First time in a. Model X

  • First time with Autopilot

// Short – Tesla Music Streaming (teslarati)

  • Why do this? Who wants another streaming music service?

  • Will it be available on my phone also?

  • Stick to making cars guys…

// Long – New Model 3 Photos, 300mi Range (teslarati)

  • Great photos, the tech was cool w/ it

  • Little bummed these folks get a better look then we did at the “VIP Showing”

"The screen clearly shows the vehicle’s charge level at 95 miles and was charging at 169 mph (worth noting that the stall next to the Model 3 was drawing power as well). After taking a closer look at the vehicle’s charge level, it looks to us that this particular vehicle has a range over 300 miles (312 miles to be exact)”

  • FUGLY Rims! Who cares?

// Mention – Climate X Change (CarbonRaffle.org)

  • Climate X Change

  • Win a Tesla & help fight climate change

  • Not being paid for this, just think it’s cool

"To raise awareness for Carbon Pricing as a solution to our urgent climate crisis, Climate XChange is raffling off 6 amazing prizes on July 4, 2017.

  • Grand Prize ($160,000 Value): an awesome Tesla Model S sedan or Model X SUV @ $120,000 PLUS we pay the Federal Income Tax of $40,000 for your prize, so you don’t have to!

  • Amazing 2nd & 3rd prizes: we help you buy an early Tesla Model 3, with a Reservation, deposit, cash, and a Federal Income Tax payment! Plus three more cash prizes.”

// Random Awesomeness – Ex-Tesla Engineer Cure for Hangover (Business Insider)

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