The TRUE COST of a Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great device, but how much will it cost when it’s all said and done? Let’s find out >>

// What People Are Saying
Everyone LOVES the AMOLED screen on the Samsung Galaxy S8, and boy is it pretty. Not only is it amazingly large, but it is also about as good as it gets on any smartphone available today. The infinity edge display and nearly invisible bezels on top and bottom make the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen second to none.

On the downside, people are complaining about the location of the fingerprint sensor, and after a week using it I can attest, it’s kinda weird. Not only is the fingerprint sensor hard to reach, but it’s also indistinguishable from the camera. This leads to many smudges over the camera which clean off easy but are unnecessary.

// What You’ll Buy
At the base level, you’ll want a case and screen protector. Here are the two I recommend and showcase the video:

You’ll also likely want one of these accessories if not more:

// What You’ll Pay
When it’s all said and done, here’s what you’re likely to pay for your Samsung Galaxy S8 and related accessories. Let me know if you got a better deal somewhere or if I missed something that you LOVE.

Low High Avg
MSRP 650 775 712.5
Add’l Costs 46 231 138.5
Final Price 696 1006 851
Ratio 6.61% 22.96% 14.79%