Tesla Crushes 2019 Earnings and Makes Elon Musk a HAPPY MAN!

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Why Tesla Cybertruck Towing is a Pointless Metric

Truck companies love to tout their towing capacity, but it turns out no one really uses trucks like that so it’s mostly a vanity metric. SimpliSafe is award-winning home security that keeps your home safe around the clock. It’s really reliable, easy to use, and there are no contracts. Check out SimpliSafe here – https://simplisafe.com/teslanomics

Is Tesla Model S Raven a Good Buy in 2020?

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Make Tesla Sentry Mode Usable With This

The main issue with Tesla’s Security System called Sentry Mode is that to view the footage it’s a huge pain. This new device solves that. Get early access and connect with the community at https://teslanomics.co/join

The Most Important EV at CES 2020

After checking out all the new EVs announced at CES here is the one I feel could have the biggest impact on the industry in the future. Win a Tesla and support Climate Change research at https://teslanomics.co/ClimateExchange

Tesla Dominates Q4 and Sets All-Time Delivery Record…Again!

Tesla dominated Q4 2019 by producing and delivering a record amount of vehicles. Let’s see what it means for the future and how it compares to the rest of the industry. // Partners I Recommend Turo Car Rental – https://teslanomics.co/turo Hotel Tonight ($25 off) – https://teslanomics.co/hoteltonight TrueBill (financial health app) – https://teslanomics.co/truebill Rakuten (Cash back […]

Tesla 2019 Rewind & Future of Channel

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Tesla Holiday Update 2019 – First Impressions! (2019.40.50)

A gift from Tesla just in time for Christmas, here are my first impressions of the new Tesla Holiday Update 2019. Save money while shopping online and get an extra $10 by using Rakuten (affiliate) https://teslanomics.co/rakuten Tesla Raj video with driving visualizations – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNt3jy4mMAM&feature=youtu.beAndre Karpathy AI talk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBklltKXtDE

What Tesla’s New Streaming Subscription Means For the Future

Let’s look at what the new subscription service from Tesla means for their future. Save on your subscriptions by using TrueBill https://teslanomics.co/truebill

Tesla Truck vs Ford F-150 Cost of Ownership: Is the Tesla a Value Buy?

Detailed look at Tesla Truck vs the Ford F-150 for cost of ownership across five years. Get more and go deeper by joining us at https://teslanomics.co/patreon