What is the Yearly Cost of a Tesla? My First Year Owning a Tesla Cost Breakdown

After my first year of owning a Tesla, I decided to take a look back and see what the overall cost was. Of course, many of these figures will vary for you based on your interested rate, loan terms, insurance discounts, and driving habits.

In my first Tesla post I took a look at solely the monthly cost of owning a Tesla and in this video, I continued the analysis and even extended it. Now I have more data to look at to understand the true cost of owning a Tesla.

The main cost categories I look at are:

– Fuel/Charging Cost

– Insurance

– Loan Payment

– Loan Interest

Overall, I found that I saved over 30% on fuel and paid just under $18K including everything. That amount is mostly in part due to my 3yr term on my loan instead of the traditional longer term loans.

The Data

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Question of the day?

– Do you own a Model S or X? How much are you spending per year?

– If you don’t own a Tesla, would you consider paying this much?

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